Docking Drawer Partner Updates

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Docking Drawer Partner Updates

August 2021 Partner Program Updates

  • Price Increase - Docking Drawer 10.01.2021 price list reflects a price increase on just  0290, 1514 & 2021 series outlets. There is not a price increase on Safety Interlock Boxes, Grommets, Style Drawer Canisters, Cover Plates.
  • Price List Updated - New Docking Drawer Price List goes into effect on 10.01.2021.
  • Brass Cover Plates - Added Brass cover plates to our offering.
  • Updated Spec Book - New spec book was released reflecting a collection of updates and added details.
  • Launched Docking Drawer Walkthrough Deck- Our best resource to date to walk customers through our offering. Perfect sales resource for reps on the road. Walk Through Deck
  • Relaunched the Docking Drawer Digital Asset Library - Docking Drawer product images, lifestyle photos, videos, Docking Drawer logos and electrical certification icons for all of your sales and marketing needs. Digital Asset Library
  • Photo Buying Pays your Customers to Share their Docking Drawer Projects - Marketing a hidden product isn't easy, so capturing our products in your projects is essential to us. So much so that our Marketing Department may be willing to pay you up to $500 for photos of your Docking Drawer project to use in our marketing efforts. Let your Docking Drawer projects potentially pay for themselves by sharing your projects with us. It’s a total win-win. Photo Buying Program
  • Non-Functioning Outlets - No longer offering non-functional outlets.
  • International 220V Updates -

    New - Launching Docking Drawer Flush Pop Ups for AUS, EUR, and UK markets.

    New - Launching more Docking Drawer Trio options.

    New - Adding Docking Drawer Trio outlet with Stainless Steel cover plates

    Removed Charging Grommet and Edge Mount Grommet from our offering

    New - Brass cover plates

    Comingin 12/2020 - All new sales and technical resources. New Spec Book, New Literature, New Tear Sheets, New Mounting Diagrams, 

April 2021 Partner Program Updates

  • Price List Updated- The Docking Drawer Price List - 4.1.2021 now includes links to each outlet's Spec Book and Tear Sheet making planning Docking Drawer projects easier. 
  • New Drop Shipping Policy - Price list now clearly states what outlets are eligible for drop shipping. Basically the core 4 hero outlets (1514-232, 1514-266, 1514-110, 1514-160) are not eligible for drop shipping.
  • MOQ - Price list had the incorrect MOQ quantity. 4.1.2021 price list now shows the correct MOQ quantity.
  • Discontinued- Style Drawer Flush variants with USB-C and USB-A outlets have been discontinued. NO CHANGE to Style Drawer Flush outlets with 2AC GFCI outlets. These are still being offered. 
  • Updated Spec Book - The updated spec book now includes new resources for centered installations, updated Project Cards, direct links to Tear Sheets and more project planning details on outlet orientation and the endless choice of devices that can be connected to the outlet.
  • Name Change - The Style Drawer Trio will now be called the Docking Drawer Trio.

January 2021 Partner Program Updates

  • Launched a What's New page for Distributors - Details how to transition your customers from 0290- products to the new 15 amp Blade Series
  • New Products Launched - Blade Duo and Blade 1514 & 2012 Series outlets, 15 amp & 20 amp Safety Interlock Box, Style Drawer Canisters, Non-functioning mock -ups
  • New Price List Launched - New price list is available in both PDF & Excel formats. Price list now includes Project Pricing for high volume customers, pricing for functioning and non-functioning showroom samples, pricing for replacement parts such as cover plates and mounting screws, and includes part numbers for ordering free sales resources. New MOQ requirements are now listed on price lists.
  • Discontinued- Blade (0290-3000X), Blade Duo (0290-30XXX), Style Drawer Blade (0290-003XX), Style Drawer Blade Duo (0290-203XX), Black Canisters

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New Product Benefits VS:

  • Save up to $80 on previous product equivalents.
  • 20% smaller in size than previous equivalent powering outlets allows for an easier specification.
  • New corded connections eliminate the previous need to hardwire outlet connection, simplifying installations and lowering overall project costs by eliminating the need for an electrician.
  • Lead with 15 amp outlets. 20 amps outlets are available if needed.
  • Optional Safety Interlock Box can be added to de-energize the outlet when the drawer starts to close.