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What Our Customers Have to Say About Docking Drawer

Studio Dearborn

"I find it’s not really a question as to WHETHER a new kitchen needs a Docking Drawer outlet, it’s HOW MANY. Here we have one in a kitchen desk drawer. You might not charge your phone in there all the time, but think about wireless headphones, portable chargers, calculators, game consoles, IPads, get what I mean. With USB ports and AC you can charge a ton of stuff all at once and hide all those cords away 😊I’m thinking of designing custom drawer inserts to manage the cords now."

Webber Coleman Woodworks

"I always ask my clients where they prefer to charge their electronics - and it's not always a one-size-fits-the-house answer! Mom might prefer to charge her iPad and cell phone in the kitchen and tuck them out of site, while Dad might prefer a charging station in the office or bathroom. Some clients will say they'll get their electrician to rig something up, but I always recommend Docking Drawer because it truly is the safest most reliable way to charge and power all of the family's devices while leaving the space free of clutter."

Michael Douglas

January 2019

Ingeniously simple and well-designed. A variety of models to fit most any conceivable need. Recommended by my cabinet maker, and I can readily tell why. Being in the tech business, this is definitely a great solution fo wires on a countertop.

Cece Kaufman

December 2018

Style Drawer Blade Duo

Straight forward install. Attractive product. Electrician said he wanted to install one in his bathroom, and client is thrilled with the quality of the product. I would order again for another project.

Riva Mirvis

March 2017

The docking drawer itself is fantastic. Additionally, the service I received from Adam in determining which outlet to purchase was outstanding. He took the time to review what I needed and followed up.

LA Dwelling

September 2015

Charging &
Powering Outlets

These are pretty much in all my kitchens and bathrooms. Docking Drawer's charging station strategically placed in a handy kitchen drawer keeps the countertops clutter free and all the electronics in one place. My clients also really appreciate the Style Drawer, being able to reach into a drawer and use your hairdryer without messing with outlets and cords is amazing - I love mine! As a designer sourcing and recommending useful products is important, thank you Docking Drawer for making me look good.

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