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What Our Customers Have to Say About Docking Drawer

docking drawer reviews

Studio Dearborn

"I find it’s not really a question as to WHETHER a new kitchen needs a Docking Drawer outlet, it’s HOW MANY. Here we have one in a kitchen desk drawer. You might not charge your phone in there all the time, but think about wireless headphones, portable chargers, calculators, game consoles, IPads, Kindles...you get what I mean. With USB ports and AC you can charge a ton of stuff all at once and hide all those cords away 😊I’m thinking of designing custom drawer inserts to manage the cords now."

docking drawer product reviews

Webber Coleman Woodworks

"I always ask my clients where they prefer to charge their electronics - and it's not always a one-size-fits-the-house answer! Mom might prefer to charge her iPad and cell phone in the kitchen and tuck them out of site, while Dad might prefer a charging station in the office or bathroom. Some clients will say they'll get their electrician to rig something up, but I always recommend Docking Drawer because it truly is the safest most reliable way to charge and power all of the family's devices while leaving the space free of clutter."

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