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Clear Your Countertop Clutter and Stay Charged

In-drawer charging and powering sockets for installation in Australia.

Clear Your Countertop Clutter and Stay Charged

In-drawer charging and powering outlets for installation in Australia.

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GadgetFlow Docking Drawer

2 Types of In-Drawer Sockets

drawer phone charger Australia
Docking Drawer Duo

Charging Outlet

Clear cord clutter and keep your devices charged out of sight.

IDEAL FOR: Smartphones, Tablets, Fitness trackers, and other USB electronics.

Review the Docking Drawer Duo Spec Sheet

bathroom vanity drawer with GPO Australia
Style Drawer Trio

Powering Outlet

20 amp GPOs to power all of your small appliances.

IDEAL FOR: Hair Dryers, Curling Irons, Small appliances and Laptops.

Review the Style Drawer Trio Spec Sheet

In-drawer sockets for any drawer and every project

Electrically Listed for Australia

Docking Drawer in-drawer sockets are Australian certified for safety and EMC.

Each socket includes a 320mm long cord exiting the outlet that connects to a supplied 1.6 meter, Australia specific patch cord.

Docking Drawer Australia Solutions


Charging Outlet

1 Size Available

Charge up to 4 devices at once with USB-A.


Docking Drawer Duo Australia USB socket


Docking Drawer Duo

Powering Outlet

1 Size Available

Power up to 2 devices and charge up to 2 devices at once.

2 USB-A & 2 GPOs

Docking Drawer Trio Australia GPO


Style Drawer Trio

Will it Fit in My Cabinet?

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Measure your cabinet

Measure cabinet depth
Measure drawer box width
Measure space behind drawer box
Measure drawer box height

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