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Our Mission

Empower modern lifestyles by offering safe electrical solutions & accessories intentionally designed to create highly organized, functional and inspirational spaces.

Scott Dickey, Docking Drawer testing

Scott Safety Testing Docking Drawers, 2014

Where We Began

In September of 2013, Docking Drawer Founder Scott Dickey and his wife embarked on a remodeling journey for their family vacation home. As they navigated the process, they were met with a common yet frustrating problem - an excess of cords and devices monopolizing their limited countertop space. But Scott was not your average homeowner. His unique combination of skills, spanning engineering, electrical safety, and product development for the semiconductor industry, put him in a unique position to brainstorm a solution.

Scott successfully funneled an understanding of intricate industrial technology into creating a consumer product, designing a prototype for the market’s first outlet intentionally built for use inside the drawer, one that could eliminate countertop clutter by concealing cords and devices safely inside the drawer.

Leveraging his 20-year background in the engineering of temperature control chambers for sophisticated scientific equipment, his prototype included advanced safety technology such as an integrated thermostat to de-energize the outlet if surrounding temperatures exceeded safety standards. This sensor would become a critical component for our in-drawer outlet solutions, making them safe for use inside an enclosed space.

Scott’s professional expertise also encompassed the management of moving electrical cords, knowledge that led to the design of the outlet’s cable management arms, which would both protect the cables and prevent fatigue. But the true elegance of this solution was in the custom cord design, which featured a soft and malleable jacket, eliminating any resistance to the moving drawer box to ensure long-term durability and no loss of drawer function.

How We Grew

Fast forward four months to January of 2014 when Docking Drawer was officially introduced to the world at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and was met with tremendous applause. The product's unique appeal and high level of interest led to our rapid expansion of in-drawer outlet offerings and the successful acquisition of domestic and international patents. Online stores were launched to meet escalating demand and key distribution partnerships were established with companies like Hafele, EB Bradley, Hardware Hut, and others. And the rest, as they say, is history.

powered vanity drawer
kitchen charging station

Where We are Today

While our products have undergone several innovation cycles since our initial KBIS launch and our offerings have broadened to include features like safety interlock outlets, stainless steel drawer canisters, and more, we've remained steadfast in our original mission: to empower modern lifestyles with products designed to create safer and more functional spaces. We attribute our ongoing success to our unyielding commitment to superior quality, unrivaled service, relentless innovation, and the empowerment of our people. As we look ahead, we foresee endless opportunities to continue helping our customers create organized, functional and inspirational spaces, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for the Docking Drawer team and brand.

Brand Values

Our Brand Values represent a promise to our customers and guide everything we do.

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Ongoing Innovation

We are committed to fostering an environment of continuous innovation by welcoming, nurturing and transforming ideas into unique solutions that solve the complex challenges of modern lifestyles.

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Unmatched Quality

We accept nothing less than superior quality and are devoted to meticulously designing and refining our products, reflecting our relentless pursuit of excellence while setting industry standards.

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Exceptional Service

We strive to understand, meet, and exceed customer expectations, enhancing their experience and fostering long-lasting relationships.

Meet Our Team

Scott Dickey


As the founder, President, and inventor of in-drawer outlets, Scott leads the company and pushes Docking Drawer forward with continued innovation and product development and is the resident electrical safety expert.

Paul Hostelley

Director of Sales, Marketing and Business Development

Overseeing that in-drawer outlets are a standard in any and every project, Paul leads the creation and execution of strategies to grow the brand both domestically and internationally.

Jim McAlister

Director of Operations and Controller

Keeping Docking Drawer running like a well-oiled machine, Jim manages all operations, finances and purchasing for domestic and international channels.

Alyse Gordon

Digital Marketing Manager

Giving Docking Drawer its slick look and feel, Alyse leads the creation of our marketing materials. From the website to digital ads, print brochures to email campaigns, she ensures clear communications and brand consistency across all channels.

How Can We Help?

Do you need help with choosing an outlet for your project? Do you have questions about our products or services? Whether you have an idea to improve our outlets or you’re wanting to join the movement, we’re here for you. Reach out now.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Docking Drawer supports the Right to Repair movement

In a world where large manufacturers can completely block or limit independent repairs, Docking Drawer is proud to be a member of the Right to Repair movement which defends consumers’ rights to the tools and resources required to fix or update products they own, on their own. Docking Drawer offers intentionally designed products built with quality parts that allow for easy updating as technology, styles and needs change over time. Learn more.