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October 22, 2021 2 min read

We’ve all heard the phrase “things just aren’t made like they used to be.'' And unfortunately, in many cases, there’s truth to this statement.

Which is why we are a proud member of the Right to Repair movement.

In a world where large manufacturers can completely block or limit independent repairs, or charge a premium to ship products back for fixing, proponents of the Right to Repair movement defend consumers’ rights to the tools and resources required to fix or update products they own, on their own.

We’re proud of our in-drawer electrical outlet offering. While some (especially in the tech industry) are designing products with planned obsolescence - others, like Docking Drawer, offer intentionally designed products built with quality parts that allow for easy updating as technology, styles and needs change over time.

Docking Drawer Outlets Right to Repair

Our product development efforts were never focused on cost, knowing from the start that focusing on safety, durability and design would pay off. High quality parts, patented safety features and rigorous safety and durability testing ensure that your Docking Drawer outlet will stand the test of time. And repairability protects your right to make updates, adjustments or repairs as needed, over time.

Docking Drawer outlets are easy to update with changing technology by simply swapping the outlet. Buy a replacement Leviton outlet on our website, or pick one up from your local home store. Watch the following video to see how all it takes is a screwdriver to remove the Docking Drawer cover plate and swap the outlet, so you can enjoy the latest in fast-charging and other technology.


Equally important to recyclability (to which Docking Drawer is a WEEE member), we urge you to add repairability to your checklist of sourcing criteria. Not only will you end up with higher quality products that were purposefully designed to last a lifetime, but you’ll be making an environmentally-friendly decision that will help to shift consumer behaviour over time, eventually forcing the production of more responsible, higher quality, repairable and enduring products.