Introducing the New Unified Docking Drawer Blade Series

Introducing the New Unified Docking Drawer Blade Series

We’ve done it again… we’ve taken a great idea and made it even better! Our first fully unified line of single sized in-drawer outlets feature the ability to both charge and power any device in a single solution. Meet the NEW 15 amp Docking Drawer Blade Series outlet!

Charging Outlets
3 amp
Powering Outlets
20 amp
15 amp

The "Core 4" Docking Drawer Blade Series Unified Outlets

Blade Duo drawer outlet

Blade Duo

15 amp
2 AC, 2 USB-C (PD) & 4 USB-A

Most popular for kitchen drawers, bathroom vanities,  and bedroom nightstands.

Blade Duo drawer outlet

Blade Duo

15 amp
4 AC

Most popular for tall drawers in bathrooms. 

Blade drawer outlet


15 amp
2 AC & 2 USB-A

Most popular for shallow drawers in kitchens, bathrooms, closets, living rooms, and entryways.

Blade drawer outlet


15 amp
2 AC

Most popular for tall, narrow and vertical drawers in bathrooms.

Need 20 amp configurations? All outlets shown are available in 20 amp configurations.

One Outlet for Any Application and Every Device

The new Blade Series outlets not only bridge the previously existing gap between charging and powering solutions, they’re also now designed in one size for easier specification into any drawer type. But that’s not all...featuring a corded electrical connection that simply plugs into a power source, these new outlets no longer require hardwired electrical connections, thereby lowering overall project costs by eliminating the need for an electrician. 


Key Blade Series Selling Features

Common Specifications

Designed in one size with common physical specifications, cable management arms, receptacle box specs and more for even simpler specification.

Interlocking Thermostat

All Blade Series outlets include an interlocking thermostat that de-energizes the outlet when the surrounding temperatures exceed 120°F.

Simply Plugs In

New corded connections eliminate the previous need to hardwire, simplifying installations and lowering overall project costs.

Charge AND Power

1 outlet can now both charge and power every type of device. 

Unified Outlets Bring New Opportunities 

A unified offering with common specifications and new lower price points means easier adding in-drawer outlets into any and every customer project is easier then ever.

  • Lower Prices: Docking Drawer Blade series outlets are now offered in a range of price points based on outlet configurations, with basic configurations now priced up to $80 less than the previous product equivalent. 
  • All Finishes have the same costs: Black, white and stainless steel finishes are now available at equal price points.
  • High Volume Pricing: We’ve started offering Project Packs for high volume manufacturers and projects. 
  • Vanity Programs: New Blade Series outlets are 20% smaller than the current Style Drawer Blade, making them easier to include in vanities.

Ready to Get Started? Get Resources!

We’ve put together new & improved resources to help make project planning easier than ever before. All resources are made public so you can easily share with new customers, and refresh older Docking Drawer customers with the latest product details. Contact your program manager for Catalogs, Pricing, Samples, Demo Drawers, etc.

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Take Action - How to convert new and existing customers to the new Blade Series outlets

As mentioned, we will begin phasing out old Docking Drawer Blade and Style Drawer Blade outlets in February of 2021. So to help make for a seamless transition, below you’ll find a detailed layout of exactly how you should proceed, based on purchase history with Docking Drawer:

Outlets Being Phased Out in 2021

The new fully unified Docking Drawer Blade Series is so simple, yet diverse, that it will be replacing the following 4 Docking Drawer Series outlets, which will be officially start being phased out in February 2021:

  • Blade (0290-3000X)
  • Blade Duo (0290-30XXX)
  • Style Drawer Blade (0290-003XX)
  • Style Drawer Blade Duo (0290-203XX)

New Product Benefits VS:

  • Save up to $80 on previous product equivalents.
  • 20% smaller in size than previous equivalent powering outlets allows for an easier specification.
  • New corded connections eliminate the previous need to hardwire outlet connection, simplifying installations and lowering overall project costs by eliminating the need for an electrician.
  • Lead with 15 amp outlets. 20 amps outlets are available if needed.
  • Optional Safety Interlock Box can be added to de-energize the outlet when the drawer starts to close.