Best Bathroom Drawer Organizer Solutions for Hair Tools

Create a powerful hair tool organizer drawer in your bathroom vanity with Docking Drawer steel canisters.

Vanity drawer organizer

For many people, a typical morning routine consists of taking a shower, getting dressed, and blow-drying or styling hair. Countertop space in your bathroom can be a precious commodity, and wrestling with hair device wires to get around sinks, hair products, nail polish, make-up, and other necessities on your bathroom vanity can be frustrating.

Whether you use a curling iron, hair straightener, or blow dryer (or all three) regularly, having custom bathroom drawer organizers that allow you to safely organize your hair styling tools inside the drawer (even while in use), will help keep your countertop clear of clutter, putting your mind at ease. 

Just ask Valerie, a TikTok influencer who made a viral mistake that she corrected by installing Docking Drawer canisters — in her case, perfectly paired with a Docking Drawer in-drawer outlet for an even more powerful result!

Top Canister Styles for Bathroom Drawer Storage 

Hot tools can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s important that you have the right type of canisters for your specific styling devices as well as for the best use of storage space in your bathroom vanity or drawer.

All canisters are designed with rolled tops for simple, clean integration with your drawer. They are also available in two materials: a shiny, electropolished stainless steel and a basic chrome finish. While there are a few styles to choose from, we’ll start with Docking Drawer's Capped Canister — a canister style that’s unique to Docking Drawer, and is the most universal and best-selling option.

Capped hair appliance canister

Capped Canister

Unique to Docking Drawer, the capped canister design is, simply put, superior to other bathroom drawer organizers. Led by the same passion that brought the safest, most durable, and highest functioning in-drawer outlets to life, we came up with a canister design that outperforms all others. 

The design offers application flexibility, with the ability to easily cap or uncap your canisters. Keep the canisters capped to minimize dust and debris in the drawer box, or use the canisters uncapped to accommodate longer hair tools, like certain styling wands or irons. The only Docking Drawer canister style that’s designed with high-quality stainless steel, these canisters dissipate heat quickly and will never rust. And for all you fellow perfectionists out there, there is no unsightly seam to be found!

Open bottom hair appliance canister

Open-Bottom Canister

The open-bottom canister is an entry-level solution, made of chrome steel with an open-bottom design. This is a great option for those with tighter project budgets, and will accommodate a variety of styling tools of various lengths and sizes depending on how it is integrated into the styling drawer box.

Closed-bottom hair appliance canister

Closed-Bottom Canister

Similar to the open-bottom style, our closed-bottom canisteris made of chrome steel. As the name would suggest, the bottom of this bathroom drawer organizer is completely closed and will protect your bathroom drawer from hot tool contact. This style comes in a 5-inch width, so it’s perfect for blow dryers and other larger hot tools like wide-width flat irons.

Crimped hair appliance canister

Crimped Canister

Another chrome steel canister, this crimped canisterbecomes narrow at the bottom with four folds, which helps prevent the heat from hot tools from touching your bathroom drawer while in use. Be sure to remove the canister and wipe off any dust or debris that may collect on the crimped folds over time.

Select from a Variety of Bathroom Drawer Canister Sizes

Canisters make the perfect bathroom drawer organizer, and with a variety of sizes ranging from 1.5 to 5 inches, our solutions offer sufficient storage space to accommodate a variety of hair devices used in daily routines, such as hair straighteners with different hot plate sizes or curling irons with different barrel sizes. 

No matter what tools you use, you can mix and match canisters to meet your needs as well as choose options that fit best within your specific bathroom drawer space. We also offer several canister bundles in the most commonly purchased canister styles and sizes, ensuring versatile storage solutions not just for your bathroom drawers but also adaptable for kitchen drawers.

Choose the Best Bathroom Drawer Organizer for Your Vanity or Drawer

Our hair tool canisters can be installed into almost any vanity or bathroom drawer. The installation process is simple — even for those pairing their canisters with a Docking Drawer Blade Outlet for the ability to safely power and safely stow hot tools from right inside the bathroom drawer, even while in use.

Determine Your Bathroom Drawer Type For the Best Canister Fit

Whether your vanity or bathroom drawer is tall or vertical, incorporating interior design principles can elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your space. You can create your perfect bathroom drawer organizer in a few simple steps. Here is how you can identify your drawer type to begin the process of finding the best canisters (and outlet) for your vanity or bathroom drawers:

Tall Drawers

Tall drawers are at least 13 inches wide and at least 4 inches tall. Our hot tool bathroom drawer organizers need at least 10 inches of drawer height to be installed vertically, so you can choose to either combine two bathroom drawers to increase the space, or you can install your canisters at a 45-degree angle. The most popular choice for tall drawer organizers is the stainless steel canister bundle, featuring two 2-inch stainless steel capped canisters and one 3-inch stainless steel capped canister.

A tall drawer with hair styling tool canisters installed at 45 degrees

Two drawers converted into a single tall drawer to install hair styling tool canisters vertically

Vertical Drawer

A vertical drawer is at least 8 inches wide and at least 13 inches tall, and these drawers offer significant space for fully customized bathroom drawer organizers. Any combination of canisters or drawer organizers can be used in the drawer design and may be installed either vertically or at a 45-degree angle. Our most popular canister bundle features two 2-inch stainless steel capped canisters and one 3-inch stainless steel capped canister.

Vertical drawer with hair appliance canisters installed at 45 degrees.

Simple Canister Installation and Outlet Combinations

With the perfect size and style canisters selected for your vanity or bathroom drawer, the next step is installation. Our bathroom drawer organizers can be installed with ease so you can enjoy your transformed hot tool drawer organizer in no time, for a clutter-free vanity and make-up counter:

"Installation was actually pretty easy. I was concerned it was going to be difficult and I was going to need help, but I got it done in about 30 minutes!.” -Kassy

”Installation was quite easy. [I] only had to make the hole in the drawer and in the cabinet. This is our second time using your product and both [installations] have been quick and easy.” -William

Of course, our in-drawer organizers or hair appliance canisters go hand-in-hand with our market-leading in-drawer outlets, so it’s worth considering the addition of a Blade Series outlet. To make things simple, we’ve laid out the process of creating a powered drawer organizer using both products, here

Including Docking Drawer outlets with your canisters will allow you to create a powered styling drawer rather than just a plain drawer organizer, and will completely eliminate hot tool cord and device clutter from your countertops. Here are the most popular outlets for varying vanity drawer types:

  • For tall drawers, the popular outlet choices are the Blade Duo Outlet with 4 AC and 4 USB-A ports for variety, or the Blade Duo Outlet with 4 AC ports.
  • For vertical drawers, the Blade Duo Outlet featuring 2 USB-A and 2 AC connections is a popular choice for variety, as is the Blade Duo In-Drawer Outlet featuring 2 AC ports. It is important to note, outlets are best installed vertically for this drawer layout.
  • Our canister and outlet bundles are also a popular choice to consider as you design your bathroom drawer organizers.

Additional Resources for Bathroom Drawer Organizers

Not sure how to design your dream bathroom drawer organizer? We can help.

Designing the perfect bathroom drawer organizer for your hair appliances can be both exciting and a little daunting. We offer a variety of resources to help, including:

Contact us for more information or tag us @DockingDrawer on TikTok or Instagram to share your finished bathroom drawer organizers with us. We can’t wait to see your hair tool organization transformation!

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