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September 29, 2019 2 min read

The word “safe” appears in our tagline—so it should come as no surprise that we’re serious about the safety of our products! And unlike a few recent newcomers to the in-drawer outlet industry, we’ve always put our customers—and their safety—front and center. Yes, we’re a business. But we’re dedicated to a level of safety and quality that simply can’t be topped in the industry. To help ensure our products meet our high level of quality and reliability standards, all outlets used in Docking Drawer products are produced by Leviton. In Leviton, we found a partner that would be with us for the long run and that aligned with our company goals. This recent case study by Leviton details the safety and quality of our in-drawer outlets and how they’ve quickly become the new standard in business and commercial projects. 

Leviton Case Study 

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The Safety Of Our Outlets

When we set out to design in-drawer outlets, we used our expertise in the semiconductor industry to create unique, perfectly safe in-drawer electrical outlets. All Docking Drawer outlets are engineered expressly for use in a drawer. Unlike ad hoc solutions—like installing a power strip in the back of the drawer—Docking Drawer outlets meet relevant safety standards for the country in which they’re sold. 

Safety By Design

Safety is exactly why we designed two very different types of outlets - charging & powering - which were individually created for each application and have unique, interlocking safety features specific to their usability. OurCharging Outlets are designed to charge today’s technology including laptops, cell phones, tablets, smart watches and more and feature USB-C with Power Delivery to charge your gear faster. The assembly features an interlocking circuit breaker and offer a max of three (3) amps which prevents hair dryers and other high powered devices from being used and the USB-C with PD outlet features a thermoregulator to ensure your devices don’t overheat when charging.

Circuit Breaker Charging

OurPowering Outlets can be used to power everyday small appliances—from hair dryers and flat irons in your bathroom to stand mixers in your kitchen. Offering a max of twenty (20) amps, they feature an interlocking thermostat which will cut power to the outlet if the surrounding temperature in the drawer exceeds 120 degrees F.

Thermostat Powering Outlets

All Docking Drawer Outlets come fully assembled with everything necessary for a seamless installation and are ETL certified to UL 962A and CSA 22.2 (USB outlets only). If you’re looking to add an in-drawer outlet to your project,shop our collection of the industry’s safest, smartest & simplest to install solutions. Do you have more questions about the safety or quality of our products? We’re always happy to have a conversation.Contact us today