How to Create a Charging Nightstand with Docking Drawer

Charging nightstands are an essential bedside accessory. Here’s how you can transform your current bedside furniture into a charging nightstand with Docking Drawer.
Charging nightstand

Charging nightstands (bedside tables that include a dedicated power source) have quickly become an essential bedside accessory. But before you spend unnecessary dollars on a nightstand that includes an integrated charging station, we’ll show you how you can turn your existing furniture into a charging nightstand by simply installing one of our Docking Drawer Blade (1514-110) or Blade Duo (1514-232) in-drawer outlets.

Charging nightstand

Why Create a Charging Nightstand

Tucking cell phones, iPads and other mobile devices into a bedside charging drawer will help to eliminate overnight distractions for a more peaceful sleep. Because let’s be honest, we all need a little motivation to put that phone away after the lights go out!

And with the ever growing number of wearable tech, these bedside charging drawers can serve as a home base for all of your smart watches, earbuds, USB Flashlights, fitness trackers, readers and more - eliminating all that cord and device clutter from furniture surfaces and providing a dedicated space to charge (and find) technology when it’s needed.

CPAP storage

Are you one of the over 8 million CPAP users in the US? A charging nightstand can also provide a dedicated space to power your CPAP, with the ability to neatly and easily tuck it back out of site each morning.

How to Create a Charging Nightstand

Our Docking Drawer Blade or Blade Duo in drawer outlets are the solution. Not only can they be easily installed into new or existing bedside furniture drawers, these outlets plug directly into the wall, so all you’ll need to install your in-drawer outlet are some basic power tools.

nightstand with charging station

Our in-drawer outlets come with detailed installation instructions and cut out templates to help make installation a breeze. It’s as simple as cutting a hole in your drawer box, then using the hardware included with your Docking Drawer package to secure the outlet inside your drawer.

These outlets can be installed seamlessly into drawers of any type, and feature our unique outlet management arms which help to guide the outlet power cord as the drawer opens and closes, guaranteeing you don’t lose any drawer space or functionality.

When to Create a Charging Nightstand

What are you waiting for? Our outlets can be installed into furniture or cabinet drawers at any time. Learn more about how our in drawer outlets can help to enhance your bedroom spaces here, and contact us if you have any questions. The Docking Drawer team is available by phone, live chat or email all day every day, and we’re eager to help you find the perfect products for your project.

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