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December 30, 2016 2 min read

CPAP machines can be cumbersome, unorganized, and are difficult to store when not in use. Perhaps that's why so many people make the investment, but then give up using their CPAP machine after just a few weeks. CPAP machines, also known as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines according to theNational Institute of Health,  use mild air pressure to keep an individual's breathing airways open. CPAP machines are used to treat sleep-related breathing disorders such as sleep apnea and can also help people stop snoring. The problem comes in the design of the machine. Somewhat bulky, a mask and tubing connect to the machine's motor, which blows air through the tube. These machines, when left out, are unsightly, and they tend to clutter up nightstands, dressers, and floors.

cpap machineFor many people, CPAP machines are necessary, even if they're unsightly. This is why people are seeking clever and convenient storage solutions that allow for easy use of their CPAP machine, but also solutions that keep it hidden away. With this in mind, we assembled the most clever and innovative CPAP storage solutions.


Clever CPAP Organization and Storage Ideas

  1. Furniture companies are embracing the demand for CPAP nightstands. Many of these nightstands have a door on the side which folds down to allow the CPAP hose to come through while the machine remains inside. While an ingenious idea, there's no easy way to provide power to the CPAP unit while it's kept inside a nightstand. Typically, the need is an afterthought resulting in a hole in the back of a nightstand. Don't ruin your beautiful new piece with a giant hole. Follow the lead of architects, designers, and furniture makers who are specifyingDocking Drawer Slim Series in-drawer outlets Slim Series in-drawer outlets for their CPAP-designed nightstands. A Docking Drawer supplies in-drawer power to CPAP machines and helps battle where you keep the cords. Docking Drawers are new to the market, ETL-Listed, and were recently named the #1 requested feature byKitchen and Bath Design News.cpap bedside docking drawer outlet

  2. TheCPAP Bedside Table is a safe, secure shelf solution that lets you keep your CPAP close to your bed without cluttering your bedside table or risking falls and spills off the nightstand. It's a low cost solution to organizing your CPAP machine, though it does not address unsightly clutter on your bedroom floor. To battle clutter, consider installing a Docking Drawer outlet in your headboard for an added power source if you don't have an electrical outlet nearby.

  3. Cover your CPAP in a customized "skin" for easy use. Companies now make self adhesive stickers called skin that you can use to wrap your CPAP machine with your favorite football team, super hero, or nature scene.

If you want to confirm that your CPAP machine is compatible with Docking Drawer outlets simplygive us a call. We'd be happy to confirm which outlet would best fit your project.