5 Powered Hair Dryer Storage Drawers to Inspire Your Bathroom Remodel

Discover unique hot tool and hair dryer storage solutions from five of our most inspiring customer bathroom remodels.
Bathroom Remodel

From faucet fixtures and tile patterns to vanity mirrors and shower design, there are a lot of different features to decide on when planning a bathroom remodel. The aesthetics of your bathroom are certainly important, but the functionality of your bathroom for your day-to-day activities is equally important. Bathroom storage solutions, like in-drawer outlets, are a crucial aspect to include in your bathroom remodel decisions. In fact, in a Houzz survey of over 50 designers, in-drawer outlets were one of the top ten bathroom remodel feature recommendations.


“With bathroom technology moving more and more electric, I always recommend storage with outlets…that way they are off the counter and hidden,” says designer Selena Fitch.


Drawers have evolved into much more than a simple storage solution—they incorporate innovative technology and design to simplify our lives and add beauty to our homes. With in-drawer outlets incorporated into your bathroom remodel, you can avoid the hassle of having to put away hair dryers and hot tools each day while also eliminating cords from cluttering your bathroom countertop. In fact, through our photo buying program, our customers have shared many creative solutions for powered hair dryer storage drawers in bathroom remodels, and we have narrowed it down to our top five projects to inspire you!

The One With Storage for Multiple Hair Dryers & Hot Tools

Makeup desk with in-drawer outletsCustomer project by Peterson Woodworks - Bathroom renovation featuring a makeup desk with in-drawer outlets and stainless steel canisters.

This stunning bathroom remodel by Peterson Woodworks features a modern, natural wood finish built-in makeup desk in a bathroom vanity. With minimalistic fixtures and beautiful marble countertops, this space is perfectly designed to simplify a busy morning routine. The makeup desk features a hot tool and hair dryer storage drawer with three stainless steel canisters to add organization and purpose to the drawer as well as keep the countertop cord-free and clean of clutter.

John Biggs, a cabinet maker for Peterson Woodworks, heard about Docking Drawer from another designer and determined that an in-drawer outlet would be the perfect solution for this homeowner’s bathroom remodel. The in-drawer outlet was installed vertically to create space for the 2-inch, 3-inch, and 5-inch stainless steel canisters, which are intentionally designed for storing multiple styling tools, including hair dryers, hair straighteners, curling irons, and more. The Docking Drawer Blade In-Drawer outlet features 2 AC and 2 USB ports to power a variety of hair styling tools and other devices. 


“They have been great, I have installed a few of them in mostly bathrooms but in different ways, some horizontal and some vertical…I was able to utilize the instruction templates that were online so I can cut it out and get it ready so the installers only had to screw it to the drawer and the cabinet.” - John Biggs, Peterson Woodworks


With the simple installation of in-drawer outlets, this bathroom remodel creates the function needed to let this built-in makeup desk shine.

The One That Proved Towel Rings Are Not For Hair Dryer Storage

Hair Dryer StorageCustomer project by Cynthia S. - Bathroom remodel featuring a custom-built vanity with in-drawer outlet for powered hair dryer storage.

Before her home’s dramatic bathroom remodel, customer Cynthia had a large problem with storage in her cozy master bathroom. Not only was there not enough space to store personal products, but she did not have proper hair dryer storage either—she was using the towel ring by her sink to keep her hair dryer off of her bathroom counter! Cynthia decided to prioritize the functionality of her space and purchased a Docking Drawer outlet before her vanity installation to ensure that an electrical outlet was placed in the wall.

This bathroom remodel features a new dark gray vanity contrasted against crisp marble patterns on both the flooring and the walls. Due to the smaller size of the bathroom, the vanity had to be designed at a custom depth of 18 inches instead of the standard 22 inches. Luckily, Cynthia has planned around her in-drawer outlet installation. Although Docking Drawer can be installed into drawers with at least 1.25” behind the drawer box, Cynthia ensured 2 inches of clearance for seamless specification of her in-drawer outlet. The middle vanity drawer is one of the most popular locations for Docking Drawer outlets, and even though the drawer for Cynthia’s vanity is more shallow than standard, it is still at the perfect height for storing and powering her styling tools. 


“I was researching for a power drawer for my kitchen remodel and saw Docking Drawer would also be useful for my new bathroom remodel. I liked the idea of freeing my vanity of hanging hair dryer cords…I chose the [Docking Drawer] Blade 1514-160W outlet for my new vanity cabinet. I wanted to use my hairdryer & curl iron without having hanging & loose cords above my vanity…No more hair tools clutter!” - Cynthia


Now, Cynthia can safely store her hair tools and keep her brand new bathroom remodel free of countertop clutter and better storage solutions in her custom built-in vanity.

The One That Solved the Problem of Cutting into Large Format Tile

Hot tool and hair dryer storageCustomer project by Boxwood Builders - In-drawer hot tool and hair dryer storage canisters are installed for a seamless bathroom remodel. 

When planning for this homeowner’s bathroom remodel, David at Boxwood Builders knew he needed a unique solution to avoid cutting the wall marble tiles to install wall outlets. The bathroom remodel showcases classic white marble countertops and backsplash, as well as white chevron patterned marble flooring for an all-over clean aesthetic. Visually, this homeowner was looking for a seamless design, so David opted to install both a Docking Drawer outlet as well as three hot tool and hair dryer canisters to ensure the homeowner had the perfect storage solution to keep the simplistic and clean design clutter-free.

The Docking Drawer canisters used for this hot tools storage drawer include two 2-inch stainless steel canisters as well as a 5-inch stainless steel canister, which are safe for hot tools even while they are in use. David installed the canisters at an angle that allows for the homeowner to store longer hot tool appliances as well as allows for an additional top storage area for other style accessories like hair brushes, hair clips, and hair styling products. The in-drawer outlet was installed horizontally to accommodate the drawer space, but they can be easily installed vertically as well.


“It is a bathroom remodel that uses large format tile on the walls. We wanted the 6’x10’ tile slabs to be seamless. That being said, we needed a system to use that would allow us to not have outlets on the walls. The docking drawer was the perfect solution! It was extremely easy to install and the clients are so happy with the organization factor and how it looks. This product added so much value and aesthetics to the overall bathroom remodel.” - David, Boxwood Builders


Without the safe, simple, and smart solution of Docking Drawer outlets, the seamless tile design of this modern bathroom remodel would not have been possible!

The One With Uniquely Deep Drawers for Powered Hair Dryer Storage

Bathroom remodel with hair tool storageCustomer project by Jensen Design - Bathroom remodel featuring his and hers vanities with deep drawer hot tool and hair dryer storage.

Carefully crafted by Chris M., a cabinet maker of Jensen Design, this bathroom remodel showcases contrasting wood tones and a clean, white vanity aesthetic. The dual vanity is the highlight of the bathroom, featuring designated his and hers spaces with an eye-catching symmetrical design. The custom tall cabinetry offers an ideal space to store items like vitamins and supplements, and the under-sink storage provides ample space for personal care items and accessories. 

The homeowners wanted to eliminate any countertop clutter in their new master bathroom remodel, so Chris installed Docking Drawer outlets to provide a smarter storage solution for day-to-day routines. The his and hers vanity was designed with unusually deep top drawers, which makes them the perfect choice for powering and storing self-care tools like electric toothbrushes and shavers upright. Not to mention, our in-drawer outlets have several safety features to bring peace of mind for hot tools and hair dryer storage, including an interlocking safety feature that cuts power to the outlet when surrounding temperatures exceed 120°F.


“In this luxury home in Telluride, Colorado, the clients wanted to be able to charge their cordless bathroom accessories inside of the drawers to reduce any countertop clutter. The Docking Drawer outlets provided the perfect solution, and the built-in safety features made everyone comfortable with the installation... even the picky electrical inspector.” - Chris M., Jensen Design


With extra deep top drawers and in-drawer outlets, the storage options in this stunning bathroom remodel will provide the organization and clean design these homeowners desired.

The One That Turned a Dream Bathroom Remodel Into a Reality

Powered hair dryer storage drawerCustomer project by Capitol Design - Bathroom remodel featuring his and hers vanities with custom powered hair dryer storage drawers.

When it comes to turning dreams into reality, Joe from Capitol Design truly hit the mark with this gorgeous bathroom renovation. Starting with a 3D rendering, this dual his and hers bathroom vanity space was brought to life with ceiling-height shelving, under-sink pullout drawers, and a built-in design that blends perfectly into the bathroom details, like the crown molding. The crisp aesthetic of the white cabinetry, slate gray countertops, and breathtaking white and gray marble flooring creates a true sense of luxury.

Adding function to fashion, this bathroom vanity incorporates multiple hot tool and hair dryer storage options within the design. The left side of the vanity includes a vertical powered organizer drawer to fit styling tools of every kind, no matter the size, with the center and right side drawers also powered by Docking Drawer outlets. Although shallow in height, these drawers are the perfect solution for storing self-care tools for him and her, including electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, microdermabrasion tools, and of course hair dryers and other hair styling accessories. Not to mention, with so much upper cabinetry utilizing the countertop space, our in-drawer outlets allow these homeowners to keep their sink areas free of cord clutter.

This stunning bathroom remodel incorporates more storage than anyone could dream of having,  and a variety of powered drawer styles provide the ideal custom solution to meet each homeowner’s unique needs.

Want More Inspiration? Have Your Own Remodel Project to Share?

Whether you’re looking for a simple powered vanity drawer or a show-stopping hair tool and hair dryer storage solution complete with a variety of canisters, Docking Drawer has the powerful features you need to take your bathroom remodel to the next level.

Contact us today to get started on your own bathroom remodel, or follow us on Instagram or TikTok to get inspired by more of our customer projects and storage solutions. Or, if you have your own amazing remodel project featuring Docking Drawer, submit your project details to our photo buying program for the chance to earn $500!


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