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Elegantly Store and Charge Devices

Keep cord clutter and devices neatly tucked away with in drawer charging outlets.

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Elegantly Store and Charge Devices

Keep cord clutter and devices neatly tucked away with in drawer charging outlets.

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Recharge Your Home Office

Tuck devices safely away in your charging drawer and keep your home office desk free from cords. 

Minimize clutter and distractions and create your ideal workspace.

ETL Listed In Drawer Outlet


  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Fitness Trackers
  • CPAP Machines
  • and other small electronics
3 amp In Drawer Charging Outlet

Looking to power a hair dryer? Choose one of our 20 amp Powering Outlets.

USB-C with Power Delivery (PD)

Select USB-C with Power Delivery (PD) to charge devices up to 70% faster than a USB-A outlet.

Canadian Approved In Drawer Outlets

Live in Canada? These and CSA Listed charging outlets are certified for Canadian installation

Used by Pros

Featured Reviews

Studio Dearborn

"Great product! I have just installed two of the new "Style Drawers" charging drawers into two kitchen projects. Electricians had no issues with either install; CAD drawings provided by JTech were perfect. Customer service was great--this little start up knows how to take care of its customers. My clients are happy to have this cutting edge charging drawer(drawer outlet in their kitchens. Thank you for this innovative product!"

Stephanie McDowell - Designer, Kenwood Kitchens

"My experience with Docking Drawer was fantastic. I had specified a certain product, and they called me to ask the dimensions of my cabinet- side thickness, drawerbox depth & width, cabinet depth, etc. They were able to recommend a different product that would suit the client's needs better than the product I originally spec'd. My carpenter had the easiest time installing this as well. Will most certainly be using this product again!"

LA Dwelling

"These are pretty much in all my kitchens and bathrooms. Docking Drawer's charging station strategically placed in a handy kitchen drawer keeps the countertops clutter free and all the electronics in one place. My clients also really appreciate the Style Drawer, being able to reach into a drawer and use your hairdryer without messing with outlets and cords is amazing - I love mine! As a designer sourcing and recommending useful products is important, thank you Docking Drawer for making me look good.

Choose From a Variety of Finishes and Configurations



1 Size Available

Charge up to four devices at once.Select USB-A or to charge devices up to 70% faster choose USB-C with Power Delivery.

Blade drawer outlet


2 AC & 2 USB-C (with PD)

Blade charging station


2 AC & 2 USB-A

Blade with USB charging drawer



Blade Duo

1 Size Available

Charge up to eight devices at once. Select USB-A, USB-C Power Delivery to charge devices up to 70% faster, or a combination.

Blade Duo drawer outletBlade Duo drawer outlet


2 AC, 2 USB-C (with PD)
& 4 USB-A

Blade Duo charging station


2 AC & 6 USB-A

Blade Duo charging drawer


4 AC, 4 USB-C

in drawer charging station


4 AC & 4 USB-A

Blade Duo charging station



Will it Fit in My Cabinet?

Follow these steps

Measure your cabinet

measure the base cabinet's depth

If your cabinet depth is 24” or less...

measure the drawer box width

your drawer box width (OD) is
15” or greater...

measure the space behind the drawer box

the space available behind the drawer box is 
2” or greater...

measure the drawer box height

AND the interior drawer box height is 
3” or greater......then YES the Blade Series is for you!


Use our step-by-step guide

Pick the right outlet for your project

Ready for a Docking Drawer in drawer charging outlet?

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