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May 27, 2021 2 min read

Many of us struggle with making the most out of small spaces in the home. Which was the case for this mother of two, who reached out to Dorig Designs for help in transforming their small bathroom into a space that could transition with the needs of their growing daughters.

bathroom renovation ideas

Cluttered countertops and shortage of outlets and drawer space were a few of the major concerns in the foreseeable future for these young girls. Dorig Designs knew that in order to design a shared bathroom space that would work for two young, teen and eventual adult daughters, they needed to be smart about transitional and functional details. So they got to work - and boy (or should we say “girl!”), did they deliver.

bathroom design ideas

A dual vanity sink, complete with stacks of drawers, replaced the previously existing pedestal sink. The bottom drawers are dual purpose, currently acting as pedestals with the ability to be transitioned into functional drawer space once the girls no longer need a boost. Each girl has their very own vanity pull out powered by Docking Drawer outlets, complete with canisters and storage, offering the ability to power styling tools safely from right inside the drawer, freeing up limited countertop space and offering the extra outlets that are sure to be needed in the years to come.

“Docking Drawer outlets were specified into a Rev-A-Shelf pull-out drawer for each girl, something they’re sure to appreciate more and more as they get older. Not only will they be able to safely and conveniently power their styling tools from right inside the drawer, but this beautiful dual vanity won’t be taken over by 2x the usual amount of hot tools and accessories.” -Dorig Designs

Not only will these girls have everything they need to peacefully coexist in this shared bathroom space as they get older, but Docking Drawer’s interlocking safety features (which de-energize the outlet when surrounding temperatures exceed 120 degrees) will give their parents confidence and peace of mind, especially as the girls grow into those forgetful teen years. And the designers at Dorig Designs agree, saying “We like that the docking drawer helps to keep the counter clutter-free. It was also important to us that the docking drawer has an auto shut-off feature if someone forgets to turn off their curing iron and surrounding temperatures get too high”.

custom vanity for kids

Our products can help to create organization and functionality in even the tightest of spaces, they can be specified easily into existing, custom-designed or pre-built drawers (like these pull outs from Rev-A-Shelf), and our quality parts, purposeful design and interlocking safety features allow users to power with confidence.

pull out drawer for hair dryer

Learn more about our best-selling Blade Series outlets or contact our team directly so we can help you add purpose and functionality like this to your homes and projects.