May 02, 2022 2 min read

At Docking Drawer, our mission is (and always has been) to offer Smart, Safe and Simple solutions for hidden power. And while all of our in-drawer outlets include a patented, interlocking safety feature that cuts power to the outlet when surrounding temperatures exceed 120° Fahrenheit, we’ve leveraged smart technology even further with the development of our new Safety Interlock Outlets (SIO). This family of 3 optional add-ons takes safety to the next level, offering additional peace of mind for US customers and satisfying the requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) for AC outlets in enclosed spaces.

1. Safety Interlock Outlet with Blade Limit Switch

The Safety Interlock Outlet with Blade Limit Switch is a single gang electrical outlet that mounts to any 15 amp Docking Drawer Blade Series in-drawer outlet, making in-drawer power even safer by detecting the drawer position and de-energizing a Docking Drawer outlet when the drawer begins to close. This provides an additional layer of safety for in-drawer outlet applications such as vanity styling drawers and appliance pullouts where heat generating devices are connected and can add peace of mind when used in settings like children’s bathrooms or aging-in-place communities.

2. Safety Interlock Outlet with General Purpose Limit Switch

The Safety Interlock Outlet with General Purpose Limit Switch was designed specifically for use in stand-alone appliance garage applications, where a door is commonly used to conceal small connected appliances (like coffee makers and toasters) on a designated cabinet shelf or countertop space. An idea that came to our Founder in response to a personal scare involving a toaster oven that had been left on inside the family home, this safety add-on mounts inside of an enclosed space to detect and de-energize an outlet when the door is closed. This product minimizes the threat of human error as it pertains to heat-generating appliances connected within enclosed cabinet spaces.

3. Safety Interlock Outlet with Smoke Detector

The Safety Interlock Outlet with Remote Smoke Detector is another solution that can be used alongside any outlet to detect and de-energize the outlet in response to smoke. This solution was designed to lessen the risks associated with applications such as 3D printer enclosures, where printer jams can result in increased heat and smoke.

Smart. Simple. Safe. That’s our mission, and we’re sticking to it.