Old Meets New: Wood By Wright Custom Drawer Project

Wood By Wright installed one of our in-drawer charging outlets into custom desk drawers using an early 1900s craftsmanship style, without the use of a single power tool.

Desk charging drawer construction
wood by wright custom desk drawer

What’s so special about these drawers?

Aside from the sheer beauty and high level of craftsmanship, these drawers were handcrafted by James Wright of Wood By Wright using hand tools only. That’s right, not a single power tool, nail or metal drawer slide was used in the creation of these custom desk drawers!

We’re fascinated by this classic style of woodworking, and so we were especially excited when James decided to include one of our Docking Drawer Blade Duo (part #0290-30102W) charging outlets into his desk project, using only simple, old fashioned tools for the entire installation process. The contrast of this early 1900s building style combined with our modern in-drawer electrical solution is certainly not something you see every day.

“I will definitely be looking for other opportunities to integrate these into projects in the future. I can not say enough about the build quality of the product.” ~ James Wright

Watch the building of these drawers from start to finish in this 13 minute video recap by Wood By Wright. We can’t wait to partner with James again and for the opportunity to watch another project like this in process. If you’re in the custom cabinet or design industry, we’d love to partner with you, as well! We invite you to contact our team directly so we can get the process started.

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