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July 24, 2019 3 min read

Docking Drawer is the market-leader for in-drawer electrical outlets in the United States, Australia, Europe, and the United Kingdom. 

But what about Docking Drawer solutions for Canada? For the past 5 years, we offered in-drawer charging outlets featuring fast USB charging for today's technology. But Canadian Electrical Code requires AC outlets located in a drawer to de-energize once the drawer begins to close. 

So this year we designed and engineered the first-ever CEC approved in-drawer outlet that meets all of the CSA 22.2 requirements in one engineered solution. In other words, it passes electrical inspections in Canada.

How does it work? Both the Style Drawer Blade and Blade Duo use the Interlock Box’s position sensor to understand the position of the drawer box (Click here for Interlock Box Literature). It then cuts power to the outlet once the drawer starts to close. 

How the Interlock Box Works


Where Should You Add A Docking Drawer, in-drawer Power Outlets?

Cleverly hidden outlets by Docking Drawer are the perfect way to integrate a power solution where there wasn’t one before. By adding more outlets to your everyday spaces, you’ll find it’s much easier to keep your devices like hairdryers powered and ready when you need them! Here are a few places our customers have thought to add hidden outlets within their homes.

Bathroom Vanity

hidden outlets bathroom vanity

If you’re like most people, you keep several accessories within arm’s reach in your bathroom. From hair dryers to flat irons to electric toothbrushes, plenty of today’s styling tools require power. But there always seems to be a shortage of outlets. Installing hidden outlets in your bathroom vanity is the trick! Spend less time plugging and unplugging and more time styling!

In-Home Office

hidden outlets home office

How often do you find yourself working from home? Many individuals have a home office which usually means they also have a small home office printer. And if you’re short on outlets near your desk where your printer can be plugged in (or you simply want to stow away your bulky printer), Docking Drawer is the answer! Hidden outlets inside your office desk or cabinets are the perfect place to utilize Docking Drawer’s in-drawer power outlet technology. 

Bonus: In-Drawer Charging Outlet Applications

In addition to CSA-certified powering outlets, Docking Drawer’s Blade charging outlets are approved for use in Canada and are perfect for charging today’s technology while clearing countertop cord clutter. Here are a few ways to utilize our hidden charging solutions around your home.

Play Rooms

Kids are becoming invested in technology at younger and younger ages. So it’s quite commonplace for kids to have things like tablets that need constant re-charging. But rather than take up space in their room or on the kitchen counter, install hidden outlets in their playroom! Give your children their own individual drawer or shelf which includes a Docking Drawer outlet where they can plug in and power up. Plus, this will ensure they’re not taking their device with them to bed and sneaking in any last-minute reading or games.

Mud Rooms

hidden outlets mudroom

Add Powering outlets to the drawers or cabinets in your mudroom! Adding hidden outlets for each member of your family ensures that everyone has a place to charge their favorite tech, be it a mobile phone, a laptop, a running watch, or a tablet. And because everyone can easily store and charge their tech in mudroom a drawer, it will be ready for them the next morning before they walk out the front door!

Adding hidden outlets throughout your home can save you lots of counter space and enhance the functionality of your home. When you're ready to install one,  contact the experts at Docking Drawer or visit our website to purchase your CSA-certified,  in-drawer powering outlet or  in-drawer charging outlet direct from our store.