Cabinet Organization Ideas for the New Year

Resolve to get your cabinets organized this new year and create more functional spaces around the home!
cabinet organization ideas

Having trouble coming up with resolutions for the New Year? How about resolving to get organized? Organization can occur in many aspects of your life, but organizing your kitchen cabinets can be a resolution that will help everyone in your home. Best of all, organizing your cabinets doesn't have to be difficult. Start with these five cabinet organization ideas!

Tupperware Organization

It wouldn't be surprising if your Tupperware cabinet is the most disorganized space in your kitchen—that’s the case for a lot of homeowners! So take charge of your Tupperware by installing a Tupperware organizer. Pull-out drawers are available to help you sort your containers and lids by size, making them easier to find, and allowing them to take up less space. Installing an organized Tupperware drawer in your cabinets will save you lots of headaches in the coming year. 

Organize Your Devices

Your devices and their cords take up a lot of space on your countertops. And who wants to look at all that clutter, right? Do something about it by installing a Docking Drawer in-drawer charging outlet and transforming your junk drawer into a dedicated charging station Our incredibly safe and reliable in-drawer electrical outlets not only charge your devices out of sight, but they’ll keep cord clutter to a minimum making this one of our top cabinet organization ideas worth trying in the New Year!

cabinet organization ideas: drawer charging station

Photo Credit: Ciuffo Cabinetry

Install a Spice Rack

Spices take up a lot of room in our cabinets and often it's hard to find the one you are looking for. Time to step up your organization game! Clean up spice cabinets when you install a built-in spice rack. By arranging your spices vertically, the spice rack can also help you save space. Many types of spice racks are available that can be customized for your kitchen—so you should be able to find one that will be perfect for your cabinets even if they aren’t standard in size!

cabinet organization ideas: drawer spice rack

Photo Credit: Studio Dearborn

Hide Your Trash

Finding the best location for your trash and recycling in your kitchen can be difficult. That’s because no matter where you put them it draws unwanted attention and looks messy—plus it doesn’t always smell the best, right? Heed this cabinet organization idea: get organized by hiding your trash and recycling in a cabinet! Easy, right? Pull-out drawers are available for your trash cans to help you hide your trash away, but still make them easy to access.

cabinet organization ideas: trash drawer

Photo Credit: Studio Dearborn

Declutter Under the Sink 

The cabinet under the sink is often a space where things go to hide—and never return. From cleaners to gunk removers to sponges to garbage bags, there isn't always an obvious way to organize this space. But you can (thankfully!) declutter easily under the sink by installing hooks for dish towels and dowels for garbage bags. Install a tension rod to hang up your cleaners. Mounting a spice rack on the inside of the cabinet can also be a great place to hide sponges and other small items that are easily lost in a cabinet.

cabinet organization ideas: under sink

Photo Credit: Studio Dearborn

Many times, we get caught up in making ourselves better through resolutions—I’ll work out more, I’ll eat better, I’ll take 10,000 steps a day. We totally applaud these resolutions! But at Docking Drawer, we believe that organization can lead to an improved state of mind - so be sure to consider making small strides to achieve more functional spaces as part of your New Years resolutions for 2020!

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