7 Ways To Do More with the Space Under Your Stairs

Not sure what to do with that space under your stairs? We've compiled a list of 7 ways to transform this area into practical, fun and functional space!
under stair storage drawers

The space under your stairs may seem like it's unusable. Most homeowners feel it’s small, awkwardly shaped, and pretty much useless. Sound familiar? But at Docking Drawer, we know that nearly any space can be transformed into wonderfully useable space. What’s more, this space can add true value to your home if utilized in a practical or fun way! Especially if your home is on the smaller side, it can be truly beneficial to create useful space out of every spare inch. Try one of these seven ideas to convert that tricky space under your stairs into a unique part of your home:

Create a reading nook

Nothing is better than a quiet place to sit and read a book, areweright? The space under your stairs can become just that. Build in a bench with a comfy cushion, add some pillows and a throw and voila - the perfect nook y for you and your book! Not feeling quite that fancy? A comfortable chair and table lamp in the space will do just fine. 

Add a pantry

If your kitchen doesn't already offer a pantry or enough cabinet space, the space under your stairs can become a great substitute! How so? Simply add some shelves and a door to create a pantry for your canned goods, your extra dishes, or anything else that may not fit in your kitchen space. Easy-peasy.

Under stair reading nook

Design a children's play area

Depending on the size of the space under your stairs, you can transform it into a fun play area for kids! Add toys, games, and even decorations to create a secret room for your little ones to hide out in the safety of your home. If the space is too small for a play area, it could also be converted into the perfect place to store your kids' toys. 

Build a dog house

Much like finding extra space for children to play, sometimes finding the best location for your dog can be tough. The space under the stairs can be a good place for a built-in dog house or kennel. Your best friend will enjoy having his own space to hide and sleep. 

Under stair book shelves

Organize your books in a mini-library

A mini-library is not only a functional use of the space under the stairs, it can also be a good way to add class to your room and display your favorite books. Custom shelves will add beauty to the room and put that unused space to good use. 

Install a coat closet

Every house needs more closets, so why not turn the space under your stairs into one? It can be a great place to store coats and other outdoor items that do not currently have a home. Add hooks and cubbies to create spaces for all of your items. 

Under Stair Built Ins

You may think that the empty space below your stairs needs a lot of work in order to make it functional—but what if you simply installed built-in cabinets or drawers? We’ve noticed this becoming a growing trend, as many Docking Drawer customers have been utilizing this additional space by installing cabinets and drawers, complete with an in-drawer charging station. Ensure your smartphone, tablets, and wearable technology stay charged up and out of site by installing a Docking Drawer Blade in-drawer charging outlet into those new built-ins under your stairs.

There are so many more ways to utilize the space under your stairs so don’t stop with these seven tips! Considering installing in-drawer outlets throughout your home. They’re the perfect way to create better organized and more functional spaces. Need some inspiration? Be sure to check out the Docking Drawer Ideas Library!

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