Flush Pop Up Outlet Series - Australia




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Flush Pop Up Outlet Series - Australia


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Docking Drawer's innovative Flush Pop-up outlets provide a seamless power solution, integrating effortlessly into worktops, conference tables and more. Designed to cater to the specific needs of the Australian market, these outlets feature the standard Type I outlet type, complete with three flat pins and a wider earth pin for secure earth connection, along with fast-charging USB-C, and USB-A ports in a variety of combinations. They deliver a supply voltage of 240 VAC, suitable for a wide range of electric devices.

Streamlined Power Integration

The Docking Drawer Flush Pop-Up outlets are not just another power socket; they're a thoughtful convergence of design and utility. Their installation is simple, with active and neutral pins that ensure devices are powered safely and reliably. When not in use, they maintain a discreet presence, indicative of their thoughtful engineering.

Reliable and Certified

Docking Drawer Flush Pop-Up Outlets are tailored for compatibility with Australia and New Zealand standards, accommodating the specific plug type and power sockets required in these regions. Their certification for safety and EMC underscores a commitment to quality and safety for users in both residential and commercial environments. The outlets are designed to deliver a nominal voltage of 240 VAC, acting as a robust power supply without the need for a voltage converter.

Modern Power Solution

With the inclusion of a 15W QI Wireless Charging Top and USB-C (PD) ports, these outlets are positioned as a modern solution for charging needs. They cater specifically to Australia plugs, including those found in Western Australia, and are calibrated to provide a secure and stable connection for all connected devices.

Spec Book

All the specs, measurements and drawings needed to plan your pop up outlet project.


Tear Sheets

Easily share tear sheets and Docking Drawer project details with your team. 


Installation Manual

Flush Pop Up outlet installation is easy with our step by step guide.


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