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220V Docking Drawer Trio & Pop Up Outlets

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Let's see those Docking Drawer installations around the world!
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Highest Paying Content Submissions

The following is a current list of most-needed content, and the payout that aligns with these in-demand storylines. Don't forget to share your project details for the highest earning potential! 

Docking Drawer installation

Installation Tips

up to $500

Raymond R. shared his solution for adding a Blade Duo in a tight space. Moving the back of the drawer box and notching out a space for the rear mounting bracket did the trick!

Dane with Blade outlet

Video Testimonial

up to $500

Dane took his YouTube viewers along on a custom bathroom renovation project to show how easy it is to install Docking Drawer Blade outlets in vanity drawers.

Nintendo Switch charging drawer

Family Uses

up to $500

The Nicholls Family was sick and tired of messy areas, so they installed 2 Docking Drawer Blade Duo outlets to keep the devices of 4 kids and 2 adults tidy and off of countertops.

Hair dryer pull out outlet

Before & After

up to $500

One TikTok influencer was introduced to Docking Drawer in response to her post of a risky homemade solution, and eagerly replaced her unsafe drawer plug with our Blade outlet.

woman blow drying hair

Bathroom Vanities

up to $500

Danielle installed Docking Drawer into her new vanity to keep countertops less cluttered, make cleaning easier, and avoid unsightly wall outlets in the beautiful patterned wall.

mudroom charging drawer


up to $500

Laura added Docking Drawer Blade to her home's mudroom island to keep her family's devices charged and ready to grab on their way out the door.

in drawer outlet bathroom vanity

Unique Applications

up to $500

For Todd, Docking Drawer Blade was the perfect solution to add power to this solid teak vanity with integrated sink without detracting from the clean appearance of the slab. 

cpap nightstand drawer outlet

Functional Spaces

up to $500

Transform your nightstand by installing Docking Drawer Blade outlets into your bedside drawers to store and power CPAP machines and necessary sleep accessories. 

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kitchen drawer outlet


up to $250

bathroom drawer outlet


up to $250

closet drawer outlett


up to $250

installation of charging drawer outlet


up to $250

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