Why A Charging Drawer Is Better Than A Junk Drawer

Why A Charging Drawer Is Better Than A Junk Drawer

Do you remember the kitchen you grew up in? Chances are it was filled with delicious smells and lots of laughter. Maybe you had a corded phone on the wall—a cord you'd stretch as far as you could while you talked to your best friend. Perhaps there was a junk drawer you'd dig through for pens, tape, paper clips, rubber bands, or some other item needed to complete your homework.

Today's kitchens won't offer the same feeling of nostalgia—after all, who has a corded phone anymore? But our kitchens do offer something we just can't unsee: cords for our tech. And they're everywhere. From phone chargers to laptop cords to small kitchen appliances, cords are scattered across our otherwise pristine kitchens—and it's not a good look. Luckily the solution may lie in something kitchens of old left to kitchens of new: the junk drawer.

Today's junk drawers have been modernized into smart, efficient spaces built to clear countertops of clutter. Technology hubs, a smart drawer can not only store your most precious technology like smartphones and Garmin watches. They can also minimize the look of clutter that tech-loving homes seem to accumulate. And because homes no longer have enough outlets to charge and power today's tech-savvy lifestyle, Docking Drawer outlets installed into unused or under-utilized drawers can help.


Docking Drawer manufacturers in-drawer outlets specifically that are designed to charge today's technology including smartphones, tablets, fitness trackers, and laptops. Our outlets can charge up to 8 devices simultaneously and they feature a UL-Listed circuit breaker to limit the AC output to 3 amps which high powered devices, such as hair dryers, from being used to minimize risk and ensure safe operation and your drawers safe.

Docking Drawer outlets were designed to be incredibly easy to implement into any project, no matter its scale. And our newest series of outlets, the Blade series, are our smallest outlets yet. They can fit into standard cabinet depths without any hassle, so they fit into manufacturer standard drawers or drawers that already exist. Which means that when you're ready to turn in your junk drawer for a stylish kitchen charging station, a Docking Drawer Blade outlet is exactly what you're you're looking for!

Are you ready to install a Docking Drawer outlet in your junk drawer? Contact us today to learn more.

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