UKB Creates Perfect Kitchen Charging Station With Bellmont Cabinets

UKB Creates Perfect Kitchen Charging Station With Bellmont Cabinets

If you're remodeling your kitchen, chances are you want to understand the latest trends. You search the Internet for things like "trending in kitchens" or "kitchen remodel ideas."
We'll save you some time.
The only thing hotter than the white kitchen trend is the kitchen charging station.

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The Docking Drawer Slim Charging Outlet Series is available in a variety of sizes including for 24-inch deep cabinets, 21-inch deep cabinets, and 18-inch deep cabinets. The new slimmer designs, which recently won the Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award, fit into even narrower spaces than previously. 

Recently, our Docking Drawer Slim USB Charging Outlets were specified for a kitchen remodel. Jill Silvas, a 23-year veteran in kitchen and bath design, headed the project for Ultimate Kitchen and Bath, located in the Bay area. The family she was working on the remodel for utilizes a lot of technology. In fact, one member of the household works for a popular tech company. Introducing a kitchen charging station into her design was a no-brainer for Jill. She turned to Belmont Cabinet Company with her ideas.
"We researched both the latest and the upcoming trends in kitchens before we ever tackled this project," said John Brush, Director of Marketing at Belmont Cabinet Company. "What we found was an increasing demand for in-drawer charging solutions. We implemented them into this latest kitchen redesign and we're also launching Docking Drawer outlets in our 1900 cabinet series ensuring our customers can order exactly what they want straight from our factory."

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Nestled inside inside beautiful cabinetry designed by Belmont Cabinet Company in Washington, the Docking Drawer Slim USB Charging Outlet is clearing kitchen clutter for this tech-loving family. In fact, they're able to charge running watches, tablets, and even smartphones all at once atop a Hafele non-slip mat. These three elements- the Docking Drawer outlet, the non-slip mat, and the beautiful cabinetry are all working together ensuring this family has the perfect experience every time they enter their kitchen.
Where will you put Docking Drawer in your next kitchen remodel?



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