Take a Walk Through ProBuilder’s “Thoughtful Home”

Take a 3D virtual tour through the 2021 ProBuilder Show Village home that was intentionally designed to allow for comfortable, convenient and stress free living.
ProBuilder Show Village Thoughtful Home

ProBuilder Show Village 2021 went live this January with a 3D virtual tour of the long awaited  “Thoughtful Home”. This home was intentionally designed by Dan Swift - president and CEO of BSB Design in West Des Moines, Iowa - to allow for comfortable, convenient and stress free living. A vision that started back in 2009, Dan first focused on bringing neuroscience and architecture together to develop a deeper understanding of how people can live comfortably and with less stress. 

ProBuilder Show Village virtual tour


The home includes features like a “relax room”, a multigenerational suite, a “secret room” hidden behind a bookcase and, of course, four convenient Docking Drawer applications located in the owner's suite, owner's bath, morning kitchen & bedroom.

Allowing for the owners to pass through key entry points where they can change and decompress before greeting the family, the thoughtfulness of this design trickles down through every last detail.

Tap below to take a 3D virtual tour to gain some seriously detailed design inspiration!

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