Pro Specification Tip: GFCI Outlets

Pro Specification Tip: GFCI Outlets

It's time for another pro specification tips from the experts at Docking Drawer! If you consider yourself a Docking Drawer install expert, this is the blog series for you. The tips are more advanced, helping you achieve even higher levels of professionalism when it comes time to install a Docking Drawer for your customer.

That being said, we often get the question: Can I wire my GFCI outlets in series with another GFCI? Generally speaking the answer is yes. Check out the drawing below. In it, we can see how the outlets are to be wired. Let's call the first outlet the "Parent" and the second the "Child". If the Parent outlet GFCI trips, it will cut power to the Child. Therefore it's important to know where the Mother outlet is located so that it can be reset if needed.

Outside of this instance, connecting a Style Drawer to a GFCI outlet shouldn't be a problem.

Want more advice from the experts at Docking Drawer? Stay tuned for our next pro-specification tip!

GFCI drawing Docking Drawer.png

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