No In-Cabinet Power? No Problem.

When in-cabinet power doesn’t already exist, running an outlet to the back cabinet wall to connect your Docking Drawer is quick, easy and affordable. Here’s what you need to know.
Electrical connection for in drawer outlet

Unless you’re working with a new build or remodel, there’s a good chance that there is no power outlet placed in the back of your cabinet wall to connect your Docking Drawer outlet. The good news? That’s a quick, easy and affordable fix!

In cabinet outlet for in drawer outlet

The corded electrical connection that’s featured on all of our Docking Drawer Blade Series outlets offers the ability to simply plug the outlet into the power source behind the cabinet wall, in contrast to some of our previous models and competitor solutions which require(d) hard wiring. This corded connection is key, as it greatly simplifies the specification process.

Electrical connection for in drawer outlet

When in-drawer outlets are planned as part of a remodel or build, outlets are generally run to the back of the cabinet wall during the construction phase. However, when retrofitting an outlet into an existing drawer, oftentimes there is the need to run an outlet behind the cabinet wall to connect the Docking Drawer. Luckily, this is far from a complicated process.

A simple job for an Electrician or electrical savvy homeowner, running an outlet behind the cabinet wall is a quick and low-cost job, taking 30 minutes or less on average. Check out this short video tutorial, which walks you through the process.

How to Add a Power Outlet Inside Your Cabinet Wall

Pro Tip: do not locate the outlet directly behind the drawer box where the outlet will be placed.

Learn more on How to Specify our Blade Series outlets & find detailed project planning, sales & technical resources in our Downloads Library. Still have questions? Please never hesitate to contact our team for help.

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