NEW - International Series Outlets by Docking Drawer

NEW - International Series Outlets by Docking Drawer

We're a feedback driven company. We started that way and have continued to be over the years. Being receptive to our customers helps us develop market leading in-drawer electrical outlets for today's market. With our North America offering settled, our attention turns to our International Series outlets. With great feedback in hand from our international customers and our distribution partner Hafele, we set out to refine our international outlets.

Announcing Docking Drawer Duo charging and Style Drawer Trio powering outlets.

The biggest change to both series of outlets is the addition of a GST-18 electrical connector. Rather than having a plug and cord for each country, or a junction box, in Europe and Australia it's common to use electrical connectors rather than junction boxes. From there any country's electrical plug configuration (UK, Schuko, AUS) can be used to make the final electrical connection.

Second, we made our international in-drawer outlets smaller so they can fit into tighter cabinet spaces without modifying drawer boxes.

Docking Drawer Duo

This charging outlet features four USB ports and an input voltage of 100-240 VAC. It's perfect for charging today's USB technology including tablets and mobile phones. Available exclusively in a white finish, the Docking Drawer Duo was designed to fit cabinets up to 610mm deep. These outlets require a minimum drawer width of 454mm.

Docking Drawer Trio

This powering outlet features three modular receptacles that are interchangeable which allows Docking Drawer to configure the proper type of plug for each country. These outlets can support main outlets, RCBs, USBs, and more. Our patented interlocking safety feature— a built-in thermostat— will cut off power if the temperature surrounding the outlet exceeds 55 ÌŠC. Available exclusively in a white finish, the Style Drawer Trio is designed to fit cabinets up to 533mm deep. It requires a 305mm minimum drawer width.

As always, all Docking Drawer in-drawer outlets ship fully assembled and tested and are ready for installation. Docking Drawer Duo and Style Drawer Trio outlets will continue the spread of in-drawer outlets from North America to tech markets across Europe and Australia. We're excited to launch this updated product and we look forward to hearing from all of our new customers!

  • European in-drawer outlets will be CES approved at time of launch
  • Australian Outlets will be SAA approved at time of launch

Available soon from our distribution partner, Hafele.
Accepting Pre-orders now: Contact us to get started or learn more.


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