How to Specify and Plan an In-Drawer Outlet into your Projects

Drawer charging station outlet

Sure, you've heard about Docking Drawer outlets-but do you know how to add an in-drawer outlet into your cabinets?

Remember: Install In-Drawer Outlets Safely

Unlike DIY in-drawer power strips or other ad-hoc solutions, Docking Drawer Blade outlets are safe and reliable. Additionally, they offer interlocking safety features that cut power to the outlet when surrounding temperatures exceed 120 degrees F, making them safe for use inside the drawer for any application. In-drawer electrical strip hacks can't do that!

Specifying a Docking Drawer in-drawer outlet is easy, offering a simple specification process. This blog will walk you through that specification steps one-step-at-a-time.

First, Choose a Location

Take control of clutter by creating in-drawer charging or powering stations. Have a need elsewhere? You can also use Docking Drawer outlets to create charging stations in , desks, and drop zones. No matter which space you choose, you can be sure a Docking Drawer will help you stay plugged in.

Second, Find the Right Outlet

We offer a variety of outlet configurations that feature various combinations of AC, USB-A and USB-C with Power Delivery. Our Blade outlets can connect up to 4 devices, and our Blade Duo outlets can connect up to 8 devices in a single outlet.

Take our Outlet Selector Quiz if you're not sure which outlet will best fit your project needs, or browse this step-by-step specification guide for details on how to select the right outlet for any need or drawer type.

Third, Download Installation Resources

Now that you have:

  • Picked a location to install your in-drawer outlet
  • Selected your in-drawer outlet is time to plan your in-drawer outlet installation! Don't worry-Docking Drawer has call the resources you need to ensure a smooth specification process.

Find the literature you need in our downloadable library, which contains all of the technical resources you will need to specify an in-drawer outlet, including:

Spec Sheets

Mounting Diagrams

Project Planning Cards

DXF, STEP & Solidworks files for importing into 2D and 3D design programs


You just specified your first in-drawer outlet and you are well on your way to becoming a specification expert.

If you still need help or have a unique situation that requires in-drawer outlets, just call us. We are here to help and would be happy to work with you to specify the right outlet.

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