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January 04, 2021 2 min read

We saw organized pull out drawers grow rapidly in popularity throughout 2020, quickly working their way from a luxury item to a standard feature in bathroom design and remodel projects. But what’s all the rage about? Well, for starters, organization took a front seat as we were all quarantined at home for most of 2020. But pull out drawers do more than organize your accessories, and there’s plenty of reason for their sudden spike in popularity. So without further ado, we’ll tell – and show – you all about pull out drawers and how they can help you to create highly organized bathroom space in the new year and beyond.

Vanity pull out with outlet

Styling Tool Storage

Vanity pull out drawers, most commonly seen and designed in a vertical format like this, offer an excellent hair dryer storage solution. With a few canisters, they can easily hold any number of hot tools like curling irons, straighteners and more, while keeping your styling accessories organized and easy to grab and use as needed.

Highly Customizable

Vanity pull out organizer drawers

When designing or remodeling your bathroom, it’s easy to customize pull out drawers into your project. From a tiered drawer system like this to customizations created to make use of otherwise awkward space, there is no better way to add purpose and enhance the functionality of your space than to add pull out drawers that are customized to your unique layout and needs.

Convenient Power Source

Bathroom powered pullout

With the addition of one of our Docking Drawer Blade Series outlets, you can easily transform any organized pull out drawer into a dedicated, powered styling station, where you can neatly stow AND power everything from hair dryers and hot tools to shavers and electric toothbrushes safely and conveniently from right inside your drawer. Docking Drawer outlets can be added to Hardware Resources or Rev-A-Shelf pull out drawer organizers, or any other existing or custom vanity drawer pull out with ease.

Including power in your pull out drawers can be an especially life (and space) saving accessory when dealing with the challenge of small bathrooms, and adding in-drawer power offers an additional power source, combating the common bathroom challenge of never having enough outlets!

Clutter Free Countertops

clutter free bathroom vanity

When all those cords and styling accessories are neatly stowed (and powered) within a dedicated pull out styling station, it becomes almost effortless to keep vanity countertops clean and pristine.

So, have we convinced you that you need to include an organized pull out drawer in your bathroom design or remodel? Bookmark this page that includes all the resources your contractor or cabinet maker will need to include a Docking Drawer Blade outlet in your pull out, so you can crush those new year organization goals!