Hafele + Dura Supreme Cabinetry + Docking Drawer

Docking Drawer Hafele and Durasupreme

We've always been a big fan of partnerships. At Docking Drawer our partners have helped us  to grow, to see things differently, and even to make changes. Dura Supreme Cabinetry has been one of those strong partners that we value. What's more, it is a relationship that was made possible by our friends at Hafele.  

Through our partnership with Hafele, we were introduced to Dura Supreme who, for 50 years, has been providing professional kitchen and bathroom designs. Their cabinetry fulfills the desire their customers have for personalized design choices and outstanding quality of construction. Needless to say that when the opportunity to partner with Dura Supreme came up, we were anxious to get started!

Dura Supreme was seeing a steady increase in demand for in-drawer charging and powering solutions from their dealers. As it turned out, our Docking Drawer outlets were the perfect solution. Unfortunately, our first Docking Drawer powering and charging outlets were created with limited knowledge of cabinetry sizing. As a result, our outlets were too large for most traditional kitchen cabinets, a fact that was discovered in large part thanks to our partnership with Dura Supreme.

The story could have ended for us there, but it didn't. Our partners, Hafele and Dura Supreme, helped us gain valuable industry insights and knowledge. We listened to their feedback and with their support, we took action and developed the Docking Drawer Slim Series Charging Outlets, which fit into just about any cabinets size.

Today, our partnership continues to grow with Dura Supreme announcing that both Docking Drawer charging and powering outlets are now part of their standard offering, making specifying an in-drawer outlet into your kitchen and bathroom cabinets a breeze. We're so grateful for our partnership with Dura Supreme and Hafele and look forward to where it takes us in the future.

Don't forget! To get factory installed powering or charging outlets for your projects, just speak with the experts at your local Dura Supreme dealership.

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