Docking Drawer is A Game Changer in Regards to Accessibility

A tragic accident left this Veteran paralyzed from the chest down. While seeking solutions for new challenges in life as a quadriplegic, he came across Docking Drawer. Learn how our products made this customer’s life just a little easier
accessible kitchen drawer outlet

Brian, a former jet mechanic in the United States Navy, experienced a life-changing car accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. One of many unexpected struggles confronting Brian in his new life as a quadriplegic was the simple task of reaching things: 

"The wall outlets on the backsplash are not completely out of reach but are in no way an easy thing to reach. Swapping out charging blocks [to plug in] appliances like a tea kettle or blender means I have to run my wheelchair against the cabinets, scratching them. Then there’s the eyesore of having my laptop, tablet, headphones and stylus cluttering the countertop. It was time to fix this dilemma, so I started looking for some type of in-drawer power solution. I ran across an ad for Docking Drawer, and after watching a video of how to install the outlet, I told my wife 'I think I can knock this out myself without the need to hire a contractor to come in and install it.'" 

messy device cords on kitchen countertop

 Brian was able to install the Docking Drawer outlet himself in 90 minutes, a process he feels probably took him "longer than the average person" since he had to do the install from a wheelchair. Brian tell us that "the instructions which were very thorough", and that the outlet "went in without any issues." 

Docking Drawer Blade Duo installed in a kitchen drawer

"I will say the Docking Drawer is a game changer in regards to accessibility.”

"I will say the Docking Drawer is a game changer in regards to accessibility. Having the drawer open up at almost lap level allows me to grab anything I’m charging without having to run my wheelchair up to the cabinets, scuffing them, and reaching over the counter to the backsplash. Not only has it decluttered our kitchen counters, it's made my life as a person living with a disability much easier! Thank you for reaching out to me and allowing me to share my story... I absolutely love this device!" 

accessible kitchen cabinet electrical outlet

Despite being confined to a wheelchair, Brian has maintained a determined and adaptive mindset, stating that "it's not an entire sob story, I do have excellent upper body strength and one stubborn personality." Brian's sheer determination and positive outlook are an inspiration to all of us at Docking Drawer, and we're grateful that our products are helping to make his life just a little easier ❤️

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Brian!

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