Docking Drawer Installation with Minimal Drawer Space

Discover how to accommodate space constraints in a Docking Drawer installation, including the techniques to use when working with minimal space behind the drawer box.
Docking Drawer installation

There are many different ways drawers can be modified to accommodate a Docking Drawer outlet—just ask our valued customer, Tuan Vu, who ran into an obstacle while looking for an outlet to install in his kitchen island drawer.

The challenge was twofold: the drawer's height fell just short of the required 3 inches, and the space behind the drawer box didn't quite meet the 2-inch minimum clearance. Fortunately, his contractor used our installation guidelines to successfully install the Docking Drawer Blade Duo outlet.

Video Transcript:

“So this is our Docking Drawer, Blade Duo, has been installed by our contractor. It's got four USB-C outlets and four 20-amp regular outlets. Our contractor has to mix a couple of different modifications to make this work because the specs call for a minimum of two inches from the back of the drawer to the back of the cabinet. We only had one inch. So he had to actually take this back, the back of the drawer, and move it about an inch forward to give room for the whole mechanism to work. The specs also call for a minimum of three inches in height of the drawer. Our drawer is only two and a half inches, but it still works because you see the trim plate, it just sits just above the back of the drawer. And here's the drawer opening, and there's the arms that come out. The power cable is neatly hidden within the arm, and then it is plugged into the outlet back here. We like the product. We're satisfied with it. It looks good. It's very clean. If your drawer doesn't... The specs don't exactly fit, don't be discouraged. Your contractor could potentially make several modifications to make the Docking Drawer work.”

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