Dave’s Ikea Cabinet Charging Drawer

Why this homeowner, Dave, was seeking out a solution for an in-drawer charging station in his Ikea cabinets, and what he thinks about the installation process and overall functionality of his new Docking Drawer Blade Duo outlet.
in drawer charging station in IKEA kitchen cabinet


“Like many families, we have a lot of electronic devices, more than we probably want to admit. We're trying to find a way to clean up the counter space while still being able to charge them. 

I've installed a few above-counter charging stations in the house already, and no matter what we do, they end up creating a lot of clutter. So we need to try something else. We looked online, found something called Docking Drawer, and they seem to have exactly the thing what we were looking for.

We installed a set of cabinets from IKEA. They had really nice deep drawers and we were wondering if we could use the deep drawers to help us out with the charging situation. We're happy to have found the Blade Duo from docking drawer. 

As you can see in the back, it just needs a couple of inches of clearance behind the drawer, which this IKEA cabinet had. The only other complication was just making sure there was a receptacle underneath the cabinet to be able to plug [the Docking Drawer] into. But as you can see, it's got a lever [cable management] arm at the back to eliminate pull on the cable when you're moving the drawer in and out, and a nice low profile design keeps it tucked away nicely.

With the Blade Duo installed, you can fit at least as many devices that were on top of the counter inside of it [the drawer]. Lots of space for storing cases and extra cords and stuff.

Docking Drawer outlets have a temperature cut off, so that the outlet will disable the circuit and ensure things are powered down [if temperatures inside the drawer get too high]. 

Really happy with how easy the Blade Duo was to install. Instructions were very easy to follow and we're very happy with the end result. Thanks, Docking Drawer!”

-Dave, Docking Drawer Customer

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