Create A Modern Kitchen Charging Zone

See how Christine transformed her kitchen drawer into a charging zone with the Docking Drawer Blade Duo outlet to enhance home value and attract buyers.
Kitchen charging zone

In her quest to elevate the appeal of her home, Christine upgraded her kitchen drawer to boost appeal for potential homebuyers. She created an in-drawer charging zone by installing a Docking Drawer Blade Duo outlet, thereby clearing countertops of tangled cords and devices. Pleased with the results, she plans to replicate this solution in her new home, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and modern convenience for herself and future residents alike.

Video Transcript:

“Look at this. How beautiful does that look? And even more so, there's nothing on the counter, which I absolutely love. So I have partnered with Docking Drawer, which is a company that creates these duo built in outlets so you can get stuff off of your counters. And I have been wanting something like this forever. So of course we're just about to move and our buyer is going to be able to enjoy this, but we will for sure be putting these in at our new house. The best part is it's super modern. So there's two regular plugs, two USB-C plugs, and then four regular USB plugs. So my new iPad, I don't even need the block because there's two charging cords for that. I am so excited about this.”

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