Are in drawer outlets safe?

The answer is simple: when you go with a safe, tested and certified in-drawer outlet solution like Docking Drawer, designed specifically for use inside of a drawer with interlocking safety features, you can connect safely, with confidence.
Safety Interlock Box installed in cabinet

Nothing puts on high alert like hearing the all-too-common phrase, “I can do it for less”. Especially when it comes to something as sensitive as electrical services and products like ours. Safety is a choice we make every day. We invest far more time, money and energy into the development and testing of our products than is required, because safety and durability is, and always has been, our top priority. That’s why, in addition to the interlocking safety features that are built into all of our outlets --which de-energizes the outlet when surrounding temperatures exceed set standards-- we also offer an additional safety add-on that’s compatible with any of our new Blade Series outlets: the Safety Interlock Box.

How does the Safety Interlock Box work?

One Docking Drawer customer perfectly demonstrated how this feature works by plugging a lamp into their drawer outlet (genius!) to show this feature at work. When combined with any Docking Drawer Blade Series outlet, the Safety Interlock Box will de-energize the outlet when the drawer begins to close, ensuring that no devices are left on inside the drawer. Check out the short, 49 second video here.



Who is the Safety Interlock Box for?

This feature is perfect for anyone looking to add an additional layer of safety to their Docking Drawer outlet. Although the standard interlocking safety feature included with all of our products will de-energize the outlet when surrounding temperatures exceed set standards, this additional layer of safety might offer peace of mind to those looking to power toaster ovens or similar small kitchen appliances from inside the drawer.

This feature is also perfect for our friends North of the border 🇨🇦, as it satisfies CEC requirements for installation in Canada.

What else makes Docking Drawer the safest in-drawer outlet solution on the market?

  • Docking Drawer outlets are designed specifically for use inside of any type of drawer.
  • Every Docking Drawer Blade Series outlet includes an interlocking thermostat, which de-energizes the outlet when surrounding temperatures exceed safety standards.
  • Our outlets are cycle tested 500,000 times, far exceeding the required 25,000 cycles and the equivalent of opening and closing a drawer every fifteen minutes for over the span of thirty years, ensuring product durability. We then send the outlet cables to a lab for testing, ensuring they’re in spec and show little sign of wear.
  • Docking Drawer outlets are ETL Listed for use in the US & Canada by internationally accredited laboratory, Intertek. When products are ETL Listed the manufacturer accepts responsibility for the products intended use. ⁠This compared to ETL Recognized products, where the specifier & installer assume the responsibility for the products intended use.
  • We use trusted, market-leading Leviton Outlets in all of our in-drawer electrical solutions.

So if you’re considering adding power to your drawer, choose Docking Drawer’s Blade Series outlets so you can power your lifestyle and organize your spaces safely, with confidence.

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