Add A Kitchen Pop Up Outlet To Your Remodel

Kitchen Pop up outlets are hidden in your counter. When you need an extra power source you simply pop them up and gain all the power outlets you need!
Add A Kitchen Pop Up Outlet To Your Remodel

It seems like there are never enough outlets in the kitchen, right? So when you need to power multiple kitchen gadgets at once it can get frustrating. But adding too many power outlets on the wall can make an otherwise fresh space look cluttered. So how do you fix the problem? One option is to source a kitchen pop-up outlet.

What is a Pop-Up Outlet?

A kitchen pop up outlet can be specified into your countertop, offering an additional power source. When you need an extra power source you simply pop them up and gain all the power outlets you need. Pop up kitchen outlets do not detract from the overall look of your brand new backsplash and walls, but they can be difficult to specify into the countertop due to the space they require under the countertops, which often interferes with the drawer box and cabinets below. 

Due to the space requirements, Docking Drawer outlets can be a perfect alternative, as these safe, certified in-drawer outlets can be easily specified into new or existing kitchen drawers without requiring any modifications to the drawer box. 

Three Reasons to Add a Pop-Up Kitchen Outlet to Your Remodel


Safety and Convenience

    Even with a remodel, your kitchen may have limited options for where to put outlets. A kitchen pop up outlet may be the perfect solution. Be sure to choose a pop up outlet with a water-resistant seal around the top, that's GFCI and tamper-resistant, and meets all electrical codes—so you can feel good about installing them in your countertops.

     A Clean & Clutter-Free Aesthetic

      Outlets in the wall or on the sides of your kitchen island can be unsightly. They typically don't match the cabinets, they stick out on your walls, and are often inconvenient in their placement. They can make your kitchen look cluttered and often interfere with your overall aesthetic. Plus, cords to your kitchen gadgets will often have to drape over the side of your island when in use. Exactly what you don't want! If you have limited drawer space that's keeping you from installing an in-drawer outlet --like our best-selling Blade Series outlets-- then a kitchen pop up outlet can offer an additional, often much-needed power source. 

       Additional Power Options

        Charging stations are becoming more and more popular, and our best-selling Docking Drawer Blade Duo outlet is commonly specified into kitchen drawers to connect up to 8 devices, while keeping cords and tech off the countertops. When in-drawer power is not an option, adding a kitchen pop up outlet can be a great solution for both powering kitchen appliances and charging various tech gadgets.

        Pop-Up Powering Tower Outlets

        Consider adding Docking Drawer outlets to your kitchen drawers whenever possible, as they allow you to completely eliminate countertop clutter and can be easily specified into drawers of any type - and we invite you to contact us directly so we can help address your specification questions and concerns. When in-drawer power will work in your space, pop up kitchen outlets may the next-best alternative!

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