A Bathroom Remodel Merging Safety, Simplicity & Beauty

Learn how our customer reduced clutter and enhanced safety without sacrificing the beauty of her new bathroom remodel.
Bathroom remodel

In the quest for a perfect home, every detail matters. For Iva C., a homeowner who recently completed a master bathroom remodel, the finishing touches were not just about aesthetics but also about safety, especially when it came to her kids. 

Improving Bathroom Safety for Kids

Modern bathroom remodel with countertop clutter from styling tool devices.

Iva C.’s new bathroom remodel with long hair dryer cords exposed, posing a potential safety risk to her children.

One significant concern of Iva’s was the tangled mess of cords and potential safety hazards posed by appliances like the hair dryer. Plugged into a wall outlet and left on the counter between two sinks, the fear of the hair dryer dropping into the sink or the cord becoming a tripping hazard for the kids was a genuine concern for Iva and her family.

Aware that her young kids needed to learn independence in their daily routines, Iva sought a solution that would balance safety with convenience. She found her answer in Docking Drawer's Blade Duo in-drawer outlet, a discreet yet powerful solution that promised to eliminate cord clutter and enhance safety without compromising the aesthetic of the bathroom remodel.

Experiencing a Simple Outlet Installation

A closeup look at the Docking Drawer paper cutout template used for Blade Duo Outlet installation.

The quick and simple Docking Drawer Blade Duo Outlet cutout template made the installation into Iva C.’s bathroom vanity a breeze.

Despite being convinced of the benefits, Iva and her family hesitated, concerned that installing the Docking Drawer outlet would require extensive modifications to their newly remodeled bathroom. The fear of having to tear apart the marble sidesplash to run power to the under-cabinet outlet was a legitimate worry. However, with the guidance of an experienced electrician, they were pleasantly surprised to find that installation was far simpler than anticipated.

The electrician, initially expecting a complex hardwiring process, was relieved to discover that the installation merely involved plugging the Blade Duo Outlet into an existing outlet. The process was further facilitated by the availability of cut-out templates and informative installation videos provided by Docking Drawer. Armed with this knowledge, the electrician efficiently completed the installation within an hour, saving Iva and her family from unnecessary disruptions to their new bathroom remodel space.

Extending Drawer Organization to More Spaces

A modern bathroom vanity with an open drawer, showing a hair dryer plugged into a Docking Drawer Blade Duo outlet.

Iva C.’s remodeled and uncluttered bathroom vanity, all thanks to her new Docking Drawer powered styling drawer.

Docking Drawer not only addressed the safety concerns but also added a touch of elegance to the bathroom. The in-drawer Blade Duo Outlet seamlessly was integrated into the existing vanity design, eliminating the eyesore of dangling cords and the safety hazards associated with countertop appliances.

Iva was so impressed with the results in the master bathroom that she decided to extend the solution to the guest bathroom, which faced a similar challenge with limited space between two sinks. Despite the smaller drawers, the electrician expertly navigated the constraints, cutting a hole in the vanity's center wall to accommodate the Docking Drawer bracket, allowing for free movement.

Creating Safe & Functional Spaces in Your Home

The ease of installation, coupled with the sleek design, has not only improved the functionality of the bathrooms but also provided peace of mind for Iva and her family. As we strive to create homes that are both beautiful and safe, Docking Drawer stands out as a valuable addition to any home, transforming spaces and lives in the process. Explore all of our in-drawer outlet options and accessories like canisters, high-quality drawer organizers, and more to maximize your space, reduce clutter, and improve the safety of your home.

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