5 Life-Changing Cabinet Accessories for Organizing Your Home

No matter which room your cabinets are in, these five cabinet accessories will bring you the best in cabinet organization.

mudroom cabinet storage

While cabinets are great for storage, they can quickly turn into some of the more cluttered spaces in our homes. It is easy to keep a mess behind closed (cabinet) doors, but hiding messes in your cabinets can lead to chaos when you’re inevitably forced to go searching for something within. Whether you need a solution for organizing kitchen gadgets, bathroom self-care products, or laundry essentials, these five cabinet accessories features will turn any cabinet in your home into a functional, Instagram-worthy storage space.

Pull-Out Shelves 

Once your cabinet is open, a pull-out shelf slides forward to easily display items outside the constraints of the interior space of the cabinet hardware. One of the greatest benefits of a pull-out cabinet shelf is it eliminates the need to blindly reach into cabinets and instead allows you to access the products or items you need easily. 

Pull-Out Shelves for Kitchen Cabinets

Incorporating pull-out shelves in your kitchen cabinets creates maximum functionality for your cookware needs. Kitchen necessities like pots and pans, platters, and casserole dishes can be cumbersome when pulling them out of a standard cabinet shelf. A pull-out shelf makes heavier kitchen items easier to access and lift, especially from bottom cabinets. Pull-out shelves are also beneficial for accessing stackable kitchen containers, including Tupperware, that can be difficult to reach and piece together when stored on a typical cabinet shelf. Likely you or someone you know, has had food containers disheveled in a kitchen cabinet because of the lack of ability to see inside the cabinet and easily organize the containers and lids. 

kitchen cabinet storage

Pull-Out Shelves for Bathroom Cabinets

It is no secret that bathroom cabinets have many purposes, from storing cleaning supplies to beauty products. You can keep these different products separated by installing two pull-out shelves in each cabinet, one installed above the other. In fact, you can even make use of awkward under-sink space by installing U-shaped pull-out drawers that fit around plumbing. Use pull-out shelves in combination with dividers or drawer organizers to help keep your day-to-day products and self-care devices ready to go in your top cabinet shelf, and then store your less frequently used cleaning products on a bottom pull-out shelf. No matter how you decide to install your pull-out shelves, easily accessing bathroom necessities will save you time in your daily routine, which is the ultimate goal of cabinet organization.

bathroom cabinet organization

Pull-Out Shelves for Laundry Room Cabinets

From large detergent and fabric softener containers to dryer sheets and irons, your laundry room cabinets hold all of the products you need to maintain an ongoing rotation of clean clothing and bedding for your household. Not to mention, some laundry cabinets can also become somewhat of a general supply storage room for products like linens or even paper towels. Pull-out shelves work great for laundry rooms with bottom cabinets or even tall cabinets dedicated to laundry storage. Use pull-out shelving to eliminate reaching behind or around laundry products and quickly access what you need. For taller cabinets, you can install pull-out shelves at different heights or vertical dividers and drawer organizers to accommodate taller items like laundry detergent.

In-Drawer Outlets

Enhance your cabinet storage with innovative cabinet hardware solutions. Much of the cabinet storage for your home is likely dedicated to appliances or electronic devices, so what better way to get the most out of your space than incorporating a charging outlet directly in your cabinet drawers and pullouts? There are several applications for in-cabinet power you can use throughout the home, from kitchens to laundry rooms and beyond.

Outlets for Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen appliances can crowd your countertops, so repurposing your space with a custom or ready-made appliance garage within your cabinet hardware will keep your appliances out of sight while still connected and at the ready. Many appliance garages feature pull-out drawers, and Docking Drawer Blade Series outlets can be used to keep appliances connected and ready to use without cluttering your countertops. Install a Docking Drawer outlet into your dedicated appliance garage to safely power blenders, coffee makers, toasters, food processors, and more. Our Blade Duo outlet is the perfect choice for connecting up to four of your most-used appliances inside the cabinet, and this Blade outlet is a lower-price alternative that can accommodate up to 2 appliances.

kitchen cabinet organization

Appliance garage with a pull-out shelf for kitchen cabinets

Outlets for Bathroom Cabinets

Styling devices can cause just as much cabinet chaos as kitchen appliances. From hair dryers and curling irons to facial trimmers and electric toothbrushes, many electronics support our daily hygiene and self-care routines. This Blade outlet by Docking Drawer is a popular choice for bathroom vanity drawers, offering a combination of USB-A and AC outlets to connect up to 4 devices like curling irons, shavers, electric toothbrushes and more. Docking Drawer outlets can be easily installed into shallow, tall, narrow or vertical drawers, making them a simple solution for every type of bathroom vanity and cabinet hardware.

bathroom cabinet storage

Customized in-cabinet charging outlet for the bathroom

Outlets for Laundry Room Cabinets

While laundry rooms do not necessarily have the volume of appliances that kitchens and bathrooms do; it is especially important to maintain clean cabinet organization as laundry rooms are typically smaller rooms in comparison to other rooms in a home. Cabinets in your laundry room can often become a catch-all for laundry essentials as well as linens, cleaning solutions and other toiletries. Create purposeful drawer space in your laundry room by installing a Docking Drawer Blade Duo outlet into the cabinet hardware for a dedicated space to connect anything from clothing steamers and irons to chargeable pet and fitness accessories, keeping your devices organized, easy to find and always at the ready. Keep laundry-specific products organized by creating space for laundry detergents and dryer sheets separate from post-laundered necessities like irons and steamers, and consider other integrated features like a built-in ironing board to maximize space.

mudroom cabinet organization

Lazy Susans

One of the most versatile cabinet accessories is the lazy susan, a revolving tray that allows you to turn it to access what you need. Many adaptations of lazy susans also have multiple tiers that maximize your cabinet organization and space, no matter your storage needs.

Lazy Susans for Kitchen Cabinets

When thinking of a lazy susan in a kitchen cabinet, many people think of a lazy susan spice rack (which is a great kitchen cabinet organizer!). However, lazy susans can do much more than organize spices. Often incorporated for corner cabinetry, lazy susans are great for making hard-to-reach cabinet space more accessible. You can have a lazy susan custom built into your kitchen cabinet or purchase an add-on product for a more cost-effective solution. Available in many different sizes, lazy susans offer standard circular trays, pie-cut trays, and even complex trays designed to turn and extend outside of your kitchen cabinet, somewhat similar to a pull-out shelf. A smaller-sized lazy susan is great for organizing spices, cooking oils, canned foods, baking supplies, small mixing bowls, and more. Larger in-cabinet lazy susans can hold cookware, such as pots and pans, as well as kitchen appliances, such as a kitchen mixer or crockpot.

lazy susan cabinet storage

Lazy Susan Kitchen Cabinet Organization Image via Wayfair

Lazy Susans for Bathroom Cabinets

Lazy susans are an ideal solution for bathroom cabinet organization. Hygiene products such as shampoo and conditioner bottles, hairsprays, body washes, and toilet paper are typically cylindrical and fit together well to get the most out of the space a lazy susan provides. Lazy susans are also an excellent storage solution for cleaning products like bleach sprays, tile scrubs, shower sprays, toilet cleaners, and more. Eliminate the struggle of reaching far back into under-sink or corner cabinets and install a lazy susan solution to keep your bathroom products organized and within reach. A few lazy susan products even allow you to adjust the height of each tray to truly customize the design to fit your bathroom cabinet storage needs.

lazy susan cabinet organization

Lazy Susan Bathroom Cabinet Organization Image via Kraftmaid

Lazy Susans for Laundry Room Cabinets

Similar to storage for bathroom cabinets, lazy susans are great for laundry room cabinet organization. In addition to storing products like laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets, lazy susans work well for organizing supplies like lint rollers, washing machine cleaning solutions, fabric or air fresheners, and non-laundry cleaning solutions like carpet or floor cleaning products. If your laundry room only has upper cabinetry, stick to smaller laundry products to store on your lazy susan, especially if your tray does not have an outer edge. Consider labeling small containers or mason jars to store products like powder detergents or laundry pods to store on your lazy susan and create a clean aesthetic for your cabinet organization.

lazy susan laundry organization
Lazy Susan Laundry Room Cabinet Organization Image via Inspired Closets

Tiered Cabinet Shelving

An important part of cabinet organization is maximizing your cabinet space while still maintaining functionality, and incorporating tiered cabinet shelving can do exactly that. A simple and low-cost feature, tiered shelving requires little to no effort to install and instantly organizes your cabinets. There are different styles to best fit your specific needs, including tiered shelves stacked directly over one another as well as step-like tiered organizers.

Tiered Cabinet Shelving for Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you are stacking bowls on plates or are having trouble finding your favorite coffee mug, adding a tiered shelf organizer allows you to see and pull items from your cabinet quickly. Stacked shelf organizers work well for drinkware and dinnerware and help create a barrier between items. Many kitchen items, especially glassware and fine china, can be easily breakable, and creating space between items serves a dual purpose of organization and protection. These style organizers come in plastic, metal, and wood materials and most are sturdy enough not to require any type of attachment to your actual cabinet.  Unlike the stacked organizers, the stair-like shelf organizers are better for organizing smaller cabinet items like spices, seasonings, and dressings,  

Tiered Cabinet Shelving for Bathroom Cabinets

Multi-level shelving is an ideal cabinet organization solution for multiple bathroom applications. The stacked style organizer perfectly organizes any bathroom cleaning products by creating more usable space and reducing clutter in under-sink cabinets, which already may have storage limitations due to sink plumbing. The same benefits are true for any under-sink cabinet or above-toilet cabinet storage for personal care items. Keep your cleaning products and personal care products in separate organizers, or if space is limited, keep your more frequently used products on the top tiers and less frequently used products on the bottom tier. For bathroom items like medications and supplements or smaller personal care products, the tiered stair-style shelf organizers work well and are very easy to maintain cabinet organization.


under sink bathroom cabinet storage

Under-sink bathroom cabinet organizer shelf image via Amazon

Tiered Cabinet Shelving for Laundry Room Cabinets

Laundry essentials can be easily stored in tiered shelf organizers within your cabinet. In fact, some stacked-style shelf organizers have designs that mimic a small pull-out drawer without attaching to your cabinetry. As mentioned previously, if your laundry room does not have bottom cabinet storage, refrain from putting heavy laundry detergent containers on top shelf tiers or any organizers that have a pull-out shelf feature. For upper cabinetry, keep larger products separate within the cabinet and utilize the stacked tiered shelving for lighter-weight items such as laundry pods, de-wrinkling sprays, dryer sheets, or even stain-removal pens. Depending on the height of your cabinetry, wider stair-style organizers can be a practical solution for organizing larger laundry products, regardless of whether they are stored in upper or lower cabinets.


laundry cabinet organizer

Tiered shelf laundry cabinet organizer image via Amazon

Cabinet Door Storage

An often-forgotten aspect of cabinet storage is the cabinet door. Utilizing door space with innovative door overlay designs not only maximizes organization but also adds a stylish touch to your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room cabinets. Whether you choose a removable hanging door rack or an attachable cabinet door rack, utilizing door space will help keep your items organized and accessible while also extending your cabinet usage.

On-door Storage for Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet door storage is an exciting option for kitchen cabinet organization because so many kitchen essentials are easily utilized in that space. Aside from the more common on-door storage of spices, unique solutions are available to store knives, large utensils, cutting boards, and even pan lids directly on your cabinet door. Not only does this put these items quickly within reach, but it also clears up countertop space that would otherwise be crowded with products like knife blocks or utensil canisters. Keep in mind, what is stored on your cabinet door does take up some of the room in the cabinet once the door is shut, so try to opt for storage of flatter kitchenware and accessories.

On-door Storage for Bathroom Cabinets

Cabinet door storage options for bathrooms usually have two or three shelves and are typically more standard than those of a kitchen. In most cases, products like shampoos and conditioners, bottled lotions, hairsprays, and other personal care products are stored on the cabinet door as they are not too bulky to fit in on-door storage designs. Similar to a few other organization solutions, bathroom cleaning products are also ideal items to utilize in cabinet door storage. If possible, keep personal products and cleaning products separated and store any heavier items in the cabinet itself rather than on the door.

bathroom cabinet door storage

Bathroom cabinet door storage image via Wayfair

On-door Storage for Laundry Room Cabinets

Between large laundry detergent and fabric softener containers, it can be easy for small laundry essentials to get lost in your cabinet. Organization is crucial for smaller spaces like laundry rooms, and cabinet door storage is the perfect solution to keep small products like de-wrinkle sprays, lint rollers, anti-static sprays, and instant stain removal products within reach. As a reminder, products stored on the cabinet door take up some room inside the cabinet itself, so be sure to check that the door can shut when balanced against laundry items already in the cabinet. Laundry essentials like irons and steamers should likely remain within the existing cabinet space as they are bulky and will likely not fit into most standard cabinet door storage solutions.

laundry cabinet door storage

Laundry room cabinet door storage organizer image via Wayfair

Whether you decide to install several pull-out shelves equipped with charging outlets for your kitchen cabinets or prefer to start small by organizing your bathroom cabinets with a few door storage and tiered shelving products, it is important to remember that there is no one right way to organize your home. Incorporate a few of these cabinet accessories to meet the needs of your household, and know that endless organization options are available as those needs change over time!

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