4 Storage Ideas to Help Organize Your Entire House

If you stop thinking of cabinets as a kitchen-only storage solution you will find a world of home organization at your fingertips that you might not have considered before.

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When we think about cabinets, our minds go to the kitchen. Of course, we need a lot of cabinets to hold food, spices, dishes, pots, and pans. You can find a great selection of kitchen cabinets at bestonlinecabinets.com But, if you stop thinking of cabinets as a kitchen-only storage solution you will find a world of home organization at your fingertips that you might not have considered before.

In this post, we will share some of our favorite home organization tips, which we encourage you to use as inspiration to organize every space in your home. Your life is not like anyone else’s and your comfort is defined by you alone, so your home should be designed to make your life easier and your unique spaces more manageable.

1. Add a Dining Room Credenza to Create an Instant Office

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There was a time when everyone had a home office. But that was before lightweight laptop computers, powerful smartphones, and Google. Now, you can literally do just about anything from your dining room table, with your laptop in hand. For some serious work, consider buying a credenza with a pull-out cabinet drawer that can hold your printer. Go one step further and install a docking drawer outlet into this drawer to power your printer (or other office accessory) from right inside the drawer. Alternatively, you can use this drawer to stash printer paper. Or if you have a deeper, lower drawer, set it up with hanging file folders.

2. Keep Important Items Out Of Sight


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Sometimes it is the little things that we tend to worry about when we leave our homes - like your grandmother’s engagement ring or spare keys to the 1962 Ford Mustang in the garage. Maybe it’s the emergency pain medication that the doctor gave you for your dad who struggles with pain in the night. Here’s one solution to help put these concerns aside:

Purchase a wall mirror. The size is up to you. Instead of mounting it directly to the wall, place small hinges on one side and install a small catch on the other. Open the mirror and place small hooks on the wall with adhesive backing. Place a small mesh bag on each hook and add jewelry or items of importance. When you are finished, close the mirror, leaving everything hidden and out of sight.

3. Add Drawer Dividers & Organizers

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You should have adjustable drawer dividers in every drawer in the kitchen and bathroom to help keep items organized. For instance, in the kitchen, create one square large enough to store all those plastic lids or writing utensils. 

In the pantry, organize a few shelves with easy to pull-out baskets. Put a label on the front so you know exactly what’s in each basket. For example, one can read “Barbeque”, where you will store your BBQ accessories, like spatulas, brushes, tongs and thermometers. Label another with “Christmas Baking”, where you’ll find your cookie cutters, candy molds, and icing tools.

4. Say Goodbye to Cord Clutter 

In Drawer Kitchen outlet

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From computers to phones, tablets, CPAP machines and more, we have a number of devices that need to be charged and powered on a daily basis. And there’s nothing more unsightly than piles of cord clutter on our kitchen islands, living room tables and nightstands. Consider installing Docking Drawer in-drawer charging outlets to your drawers so you can keep your devices neatly stowed away as they charge up. In-drawer powering outlets are also available which allow you to power accessories, like hair dryers or kitchen appliances, without creating a mess of countertop cord clutter.

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