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Q2 2022 Program Updates

  • DISCONTINUED  - The Docking Drawer Duo  part number (0290-20610W-XXX) will be discontinued on June 1, 2022. 
  • NEW PRODUCT -  We 
  • NEW PRODUCT - Our 

April 25, 2024

A Decade of Decluttering!

This year, we're celebrating a decade of decluttering, as 2024 marks our 10th year as the market leader of in-drawer outlets! We’ve come a long way from our initial launch at KBIS in 2014, but our mission to empower modern lifestyles with safe electrical solutions & accessories that create highly organized, functional and inspirational spaces has remained steadfast. What was once considered a luxury accessory, our flagship in-drawer outlets quickly became standard in home design and improvement. We’ve expanded our inventory over the years to include products like safety outlets, unique stainless steel capped canisters, preconfigured powered drawers, drawer organizers, pop-up outlets and other solutions for consumers around the globe.

  • PRICE LIST (Effective 4/01/2024) - The latest version of our price list is live, and features new products like our 30W and 65W USB-C outlets, featuring more USB-C connections and the fastest possible charging capabilities.
  • US LITERATURE (R2)Our new literature kit features our full offering, including Blade Series outlets, Safety outlets, and more. Stock up for free on our website, here.
  • NEW APPLIANCE GARAGE SAFETY OUTLETS - Add a layer of safety to kitchen appliance garages with our new & improved Safety Interlock Disconnect solutions, which are rated for both 15 and 20 amps and offer the ability to connect up to 4 devices.
  • CANADIAN SOURCING & FULFILLMENT - Our new website is designed to simplify sourcing for Canadian customers, focusing on CEC code-compliant solutions and offering prices in local currency. Additionally, we now fulfill Canadian orders locally, offering faster and more cost-effective shipping and simplified returns and exchanges.

November 2023

Resource Revisions
  • PRICE LIST (R20) -The latest revision of our price is live, which includes the new products detailed in "Product Updates" below and features an improved layout. There are no price changes on existing products. Expect another revision in February of 2024.
  • SPEC BOOK (R8)An updated spec book will be released in February of 2024, which will feature a new sectioned layout to make it even easier to find the information you're seeking.
  • CATALOG (R2) - A new version of our best sales resource will be released in February of 2024, and will feature a new design that showcases ALL Docking Drawer products.
  • US LITERATURE (R5) -New literature is now available for downloading and bookmarking, here.
  • CANADA LITERATURE (R1) - We now offer Canadian-specific literature on our website, here.
Product Updates
  • NEW! 5" STAINLESS STEEL CAPPED CANISTER - A 5" size has been added to our collection of capped steel canisters, designed to accommodate larger styling tools like Dyson hair dryers and more.
    Docking Drawer, in conjunction with Century Components, now offers a full range of both preconfigured charging, vanity and vertical vanity organizers. These carefully crafted preconfigured drawers come in a variety of sizes and are complete with an integrated Docking Drawer outlet.  Available now!
  • NEW! 20 AMP SAFETY INTERLOCK OUTLET WITH BLADE LIMIT SWITCH - Pair this safety outlet with our Blade Series in-drawer outlets to de-energize the outlet when the drawer is closed. Now available in both 15 and 20 amps.
  • NEW! 15 AND 20 AMP POP UPS - We now offer Hubbel Pop-up Outlets, an alternative solution for instances where in-drawer power is not possible.
  • 20 AMP 60W USB-C (PD) OUTLET - Elevate your powered drawers with these organizers, the pinnacle of acrylic drawer organization and the perfect compliment to Docking Drawer outlets.
  • NEW! SALT BY SABRINA DRAWER ORGANIZERS - An added layer of safety for appliance garages, this new disconnect will allow you to protect up to 4 connected devices.
  • COMING SOON! SAFETY DISCONNECT FOR 15 AND 20 AMP APPLICATIONS - An added layer of safety for appliance garages, this new disconnect will allow you to protect up to 4 connected devices. Launch Date January 1, 2024.
Marketing Updates
  • KBIS 2024 - 2024 marks a decade of decluttering! Docking Drawer will be making our 10th appearance at KBIS in February of 2024, at Booth #N1748.
  • INSTAGRAM CANADA - Docking Drawer is growing in the Canadian marketplace, so we've launched a new Instagram handle where we can speak more directly to this market, showcase Canadian-specific projects, products and more. Follow us here!
  • CONTENT BUYING PROGRAM - We recently hit our 1,000th project submission! Spread the word: we pay up to $500 USD in exchange for Docking Drawer project photos and storylines. Learn more here.
  • PRODUCT EXPANSION AWARENESS - We're working to educate the market on our expanded line of organizational solutions, like drawer organizers, pre-configured charging drawers and more through Influencer partnerships, paid advertising, social media content and more.
  • TRENDING CONTENT - Here are a few recent storylines and articles that have been popular with our customers and audiences, which we invite you to watch, read, bookmark or share:

July 14, 2023

Spec Book Updates

We updated our spec book to include more products and techniques. Here's what you can find in the most recent version (R7), now live on our website:

  • NEW TECHNIQUEMINIMAL DRAWER BOX HEIGHT INSTALLATION shows how to create a taller drawer box back wall to meet the minimum requirement of 3" interior drawer box height.
  • NEW TECHNIQUESPACER example added for vertical drawers that have minimal space behind the drawer box shows how to create a taller drawer box back wall to meet the minimum requirement of 3" interior drawer box height.
  • SHALLOW FLOATING NIGHTSTAND PROJECT CARD - see how to rotate Blade Series outlets in shallow drawers to utilize empty space above the drawer.
  • SAFETY INTERLOCK OUTLETS - the "Safety Interlock Outlet with General Purpose Switch" is now called the "Safety Interlock Outlet - Side Mount Limit Switch". We also added information on our new complementary product for corner mounting, the "Safety Interlock Outlet - Corner Mount Limit Switch".
  • 20 AMP 60W USB-C (PD) OUTLET - we added specs for this new available outlet configuration.
  • 5" CAPPED CANISTERS - we added specs for the addition of a 5" capped canister.

April 28, 2023

Revision Control

Docking Drawer resources will now have a revision control notation to help our customers and partners access the latest resources more easily:

New Offerings
  • NEW DOCKING DRAWER CAPPED CANISTER OFFERINGS - In Q3, Docking Drawer will be launching a 5" Stainless Steel Capped Canister to round out our popular capped canister offering. Stay tuned for more details as the launch of this new product approaches.
  • Our most popular canister bundle, configured for neatly arranged styling drawers, is now available. This bundle features 3", 2", and 2" capped canisters that are expertly crafted from electropolished stainless steel for a polished look and durability against corrosion
  • NEW DOCKING DRAWER 60W USB-C (PD) CHARGING OUTLETS are now available in both Blade and Blade Duo configurations for customers seeking the highest wattage in USB-C (PD) charging.
  • A NEW & IMPROVED SAFETY INTERLOCK OUTLET WITH GENERAL PURPOSE LIMIT SWITCH IS COMING SOON. In a new and more compact design, this updated product can be more easily installed into any cabinet and is ideal for de-energizing appliances in appliance garages with doors. We understand the importance of having options, so you will now have 2 options available, allowing you to choose the design that best fits your project's needs.
  • OUR NEW & IMPROVED WEBSITE (R5) IS COMING THIS MAY - The new website features additional resources to improve the customer experience, like an improved Support Library and expanded video content, making it even easier to access resources. The new website search feature will scan the entire website for information, including product pages, support articles and blogs.
Marketing Updates 

We've expanded our marketing programs to offer even more opportunities to earn compensation for sharing Docking Drawer projects on social media. There are now four programs available:

  • CONTENT BUYING - Customers can earn up to $500 USD by submitting videos and photos of their projects.
  • PRODUCT EXCHANGE COLLABORATION - Customers can receive discounted products and earn money by sharing Docking Drawer content on social media and with Docking Drawer.
  • MARKETING PARTNERSHIPS - Customers can collaborate with our marketing team to develop a campaign with specific objectives and deliverables for compensation.
  • AFFILIATE PROGRAMS - Become a Docking Drawer Affiliate through the Amazon Associates, LTK and ShareASale platforms to earn up to a 10% commission on referred sales. Our program offers precise details to help with the creation of visually stunning content featuring our products. Commission earnings can be boosted by combining the completion of our Outlet Selector Quiz with product sales.

January 2023

Spec Book Updates
  • ELECTRICAL PLANNING GUIDES - For surface-mounted vs. flush-mounted outlets, GFCI outlets & surge protection.
  • CANISTER INFORMATION - A new layout including with more drawings, updated measurements on capped heights (corrected to 5"), and instances where the caps are larger than the cutouts.
  • COMPARISON CHARTS for the different Blade outlet configurations
  • METAL DRAWER BOX MOUNTING DIAGRAMS for Blum and Grass drawer systems
  • Updated information on the -1000 and -2000 Safety Interlock Outlets
Price List Updates
  • 2023 PRICE LIST (R18) - The newest revision of our price is live, which includes all new products. There are no price changes on existing products.

November 2022

Product Updates
  • STYLE DRAWER FLUSH - We will no longer carry this series as of January 1, 2023. Style Drawer Flush customers should transition to Docking Drawer Blade Series outlets, which cost less and take up less space.
  • 220V DOCKING DRAWER TRIO OUTLETS - We will begin shipping orders for the new Docking Drawer Trio UK/EUR/AUS outlets on January 1, 2023. Featuring new configurations with fast-charging USB-C (PD) plus more cover plate options, including stainless steel and brass. configurations.
  • NEW TRIO SHOWROOM MOCKUP OUTLETS - Keep an eye out for these new Showroom Mock Up outlets, launching in January.
Price List Updates
  • 2023 PRICE LIST (R18) - The new revision of our price list will be released in January which will include all new products. There will be no price changes on existing products.
Other Updates
  • MARKETING PARTNERSHIPS - Our new Marketing Partnerships page is live, where interested parties can learn more and apply for Content, Product-Exchange & Affiliate Partnerships with Docking Drawer.
  • HIGH AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS - We're offering affiliates $10 for every 'outlet selector' quiz submission. Learn more and apply, here.
  • NEW SPEC BOOK (VERSION R6) -We will be releasing an updated spec book in January ahead of the KBIS tradeshow, which will include metal drawer project planning resources, a new section on Safety Interlock Outlets (SIO) and more.
  • LIKE TO KNOW - Do you LTK? Docking Drawer does! We’re seeking content partners who are excited to create awesome content and earn cash and free products. Learn more and apply, here.

October 2022

Price List Updates

New Price List Released Effective 08/01/2022. Please note, that there are NO changes in pricing in the new price lists. Just new product additions, better organization, etc. Here are the changes since the last price list was released:

  • OUTLET PRICE LIST SORTING - The price list is sorted by series, then part number in numerical order, so it is now easier to find your costs by part number.
  • BLADE SERIES OUTLETS - We recently added 60W USB-C (PD) to the available configurations for the Blade and Blade Duo outlets, and variations are now sorted numerically by part number to simplify the selection process. No pricing changes have been made to previously available configurations.
  • DOCKING DRAWER SAFETY INTERLOCK OUTLETS - New Docking Drawer Safety Interlock Outlet Series are added to the price list. There are 4 versions of this outlet - The Blade Series Limit Switch, General Purpose Limit Switch, Thermostatic Limit Switch, and Smoke Sensor Limit Switch.
  • DOCKING DRAWER TRIO - New cover plates (0024-00245) are now available for the new Docking Drawer Trio outlets (30x0-), which will begin shipping in late 2022.
Pop Up Product Update
  • 4030- POP UPS FOR AUSTRALIA - Slight product modifications have been made to the 4030- Series of Pop Ups for a better end-user experience. The Type G modules have been rotated 90° and the QI wireless top is now more powerful and boasts 15W wireless charging capability instead of the previous 5W.

July 2022 Program Updates

New Marketing
  • UPDATED SPEC BOOK - The Blade Series Spec Books are now titled in versions for better tracking. Our most recent Docking Drawer Blade Series Spec Book (Version 5) features a new installation technique for drawers with less than 2" of space behind the drawer box, most commonly found with inset cabinets and closet installations. Another addition features details on installing the Blade Series rear mounting bracket into drywall, another scenario most commonly found in closet applications.
  • NEW MARKETING - One example of Docking Drawer media placements in the UK marketplace. We are working to build awareness in the UK and support the growing demand for our UK products.

June 2022 Program Updates

New Marketing
  • NEW MARKETING VIDEO - Docking Drawer worked with Bright Woodworks in Tampa, Florida on the development of our first-ever professional commercial shoot, and we could not be happier with the results. This video is perfect for sharing on social channels, product description pages, email campaigns, and more. It's a real eye-catcher. 

January 2022 Program Updates

New Products
  • NEW PRICING - New products means a new Docking Drawer Price List (March 1, 2022) is being released. Changes include new Docking Drawer Stainless Steel Capped Canisters & Docking Drawer Chrome Steel Canisters added to price list. Due to supply chain issues, the 4" and 3" Stainless Steel Closed Bottom, Chrome Steel 3" with Bar and 3.5" Open Bottom canisters are not longer being offered. New Flush Pop Up outlets added for International Markets. 
  • NEW PRODUCT -  We are taking orders now for the new Safety Interlock Outlets which start shipping June 1, 2022. Safety Interlock Outlets provide the same de-energizing function as the the discontinued Safety Interlock Box, but now in the form of a single gang electrical outlet form. It can be easily added to any 15 amp Docking Drawer Blade Series outlet project to add an additional layer of safety and is commonly used in bathroom vanity applications.
  • NEW PRODUCT - Our new Docking Drawer Capped Canisters are, dare we say it, HOT! Available in 3" and 2" widths, these beautiful canisters create organized storage solutions to complete any vanity drawer. Demand is high for high quality canisters, so please add them to your offering. We have all the assets you need to make offering canisters easy.
Sales Updates
  • 20 AMP SALES ARE GROWING - We are seeing an increase in demand for 20 amp Docking Drawer Blade and Blade Duo outlets. The fastest growing SKUs are 2012-110, 2012-160, 2012-232 and 2012-266, which align with our core 15 amp offering.
  • SHOWROOM PROGRAM UPDATE - Do you have showroom customers who can't be bothered to cut the drawer and install a Docking Drawer? Our new Showroom Mock Up is for them. a Showroom Mock Up affixes to the drawer box with 4 screws in seconds. Thats it!  Available in Blade Duo or Blade configurations in White, Black and Stainless Steel Finishes. Call for more details.
  • TOP SELLING OUTLETS - Top selling Blade Duo outlets are 1514-232W, 1514-266W and 1514-211W. The top selling Blade outlets are 1514-110W and 1514-160W.
  • PHOTO BUYING IS 🔥 - Our creative idea to get customers to submit photos and videos to our marketing team is on fire! In less than 12 months, we have received over 2,500 photos and videos. Thats an average of 200 customer photos submitted to our marketing team each month. Make sure to share this program with your customers! Get up to $500!
New Marketing and Technical Resources
  • NEW RESOURCE - GRASS metal drawer box mounting diagrams available for both the NOVA PRO SCALA and the VIONARO Drawer Box Systems.
  • NEW RESOURCE - Häfele mounting diagrams available for both the ALTO and the MATRIX Drawer Box Systems.
  • NEW MARKETING - Curated Marketing Content - Find Docking Drawer's best digital marketing and social media content to use in your marketing channels in our Digital Asset Library. Great videos, snappy Instagram Reels, and more. Here is an example of our latest marketing video and IKEA customer testimonial.
  • GIVE BACK PROGRAM LAUNCHED - It's more important than ever to give back. With that in mind, Docking Drawer now donates a percentage of our sales to the National Alliance to End Homelessness; an A+-rated, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization committed to preventing and ending homelessness in the United States. 
  • WE SPEAK VIDEO - Have you noticed all of the Docking Drawer videos reaching out through our marketing channels? Check out this Docking Drawer Blade Unboxing Video that has received over 2M views. And we are just getting started, as our team continues to build more and more video awareness of our solutions.
  • UPDATED BLADE SERIES SPEC BOOK - Our most recent Docking Drawer Blade Series Spec Book now features even more detail to make planning a Docking Drawer project even easier. New sections have been added to detail the specifications surrounding our new Docking Drawer Stainless Steel Capped Canisters and Docking Drawer Safety Interlock Outlet.  
  • DOCKING DRAWER IN THE MEDIA - Docking Drawer was featured by Martha Stewart Living in an article titled. -How to Maximize the Storage Potential of Every Drawer in Your Home and the article and Docking Drawer were featured in a segment on Good Morning America.

December 2021 Program Updates

  • NEW - Docking Drawer Price List. Added NEW Docking Drawer Canisters, added NEW Interlocking Safety Outlet, added NEW 220V Docking Drawer Trio Outlets, added NEW 220V Docking Drawer Flush Pop Up Outlets. 
  • NEW Metal Drawer Box Mounting Diagrams - We released Blum metal drawer box mounting diagrams for both LEGRA and TANDEM Box Drawer Systems. Up next, look for GRASS metal drawer box mounting diagrams for both the NOVA PRO SCALA and the VIONARO Drawer Box Systems.
  • NEW - Docking Drawer Capped Stainless Steel Canisters. Available in 2 sizes - 2" and 3". 

    Our new capped canisters have a removable bottom so they can be used as either an open bottom or close bottom canisters. Since the bottom is removable, capped canisters are easy to keep clean.

    Docking Drawer capped canisters for bathroom drawers create the perfect hair appliance holder, as they can safely and neatly stow hot tools inside the drawer, even when they’re in use. Available in a variety of sizes to fit blow dryers, curling irons, shavers and other styling accessories. 
  • NEW - Docking Drawer Press Room - All the latest news and press coverage in one place on our website
  • DISCONTINUED - The Docking Drawer Safety Interlock Box has been discontinued. Effected part numbers are - 0290-00815, 0290-00815H, 0290-00820, 0290-00820H. 

    The replacement item is the NEW - Docking Drawer Interlocking Safety 15 amp Outlet part number 6015-1000W. Shipments start in March of 2022.
  • NEW - Docking Drawer's website has been updated with new features
  • NEW - Planning Resource pages. Now broken down by Specification, Planning and Installation submenu's to make finding the right resource simple and easy.
  • UPDATED - Docking Drawer Outlet Selector Quiz - Now customers can use our interactive quiz to choose the right outlet for their project. 
  • NEW - 220V Docking Drawer Trio and Docking Drawer Flush Pop Up Spec Books by country.
  • NEW - Docking Drawer Unboxing Video

November 2021 Program Updates

  • NEW Docking Drawer Stainless Steel Capped Canisters - Docking Drawer is launching a two new stainless steel canisters featuring a capped design. The capped design allows the canister to be multipurpose and used as either a closed bottom or open bottom canister. Stainless steel finish dissipates heat very well and will not tarnish. Available in 2 sizes - 3" and 2". 

    Pricing will be on the next price list release. 

    Product and ecommerce images will be available soon.

    Taking stocking orders now for February 1, 2022 shipments.
  • NEW Advertising Channels - Docking Drawer continues to ramp up our advertising and visibility across channels. Here are previews of our new YouTube ads: Bumper Ad and In-Stream Ad
  • NEW Metal Drawer Box Mounting Diagrams - We released Blum metal drawer box mounting diagrams for both LEGRA and TANDEM Box Drawer Systems. Up next, look for GRASS metal Drawer Box mounting Diagrams for both the NOVA PRO SCALA and the VIONARO Drawer Box Systems.
  • DISCONTINUED - The following Docking Drawer Pop Ups for the Australian market have been discontinued - 0290-00902-AUS, 0290-00902W-AUS, 0290-00904-AUS, 0290-00904W-AUS
  • NEW - Docking Drawer Canister Catalog Catalog Pages & Ads. Our marketing team has been busy creating catalog pages & ads for our partners for both Docking Drawer Blade in-drawer outlets and Docking Drawer canisters. How can we be a bigger part of your catalog, advertising and email marketing strategy?

October 2021 Program Updates

  • Price Increase Reminder - Docking Drawer 10.01.2021 price list reflects a price increase on just  0290, 1514 & 2021 series outlets. There is not a price increase on Safety Interlock Boxes, Grommets, Style Drawer Canisters, Cover Plates, Replacement Parts, etc.
  • Price List Updated - New Docking Drawer Price List goes into effect on 10.01.2021.
  • Digital Asset Library - Many new customers photos have been added to the library. Perfect for adding to newsletters, creating social media posts and catalog pages. 
  • NEW Canisters Added - We have added 6 new canister styles to our offering - 3" with bar, 3.5", 1.5" & 2" Crimped Bottom Canisters and 3" & 4" Closed Bottom canisters. 
  • UPDATED Docking Drawer Blade Spec Book - Updated spec book now includes - Lots of small detail updates and new pages added for Canister specifications. 
  • UPDATED Photo Buying - Fresh look and higher payout for customer stories and photos. 
  • Launching October 1, 2021 - Revamped Photo Buying Program with Increased Payouts - Marketing a hidden product isn't easy, so capturing our products in your projects is essential to us. So much so that our Marketing Department may be willing to pay you up to $500 for photos of your Docking Drawer project to use in our marketing efforts. Let your Docking Drawer projects potentially pay for themselves by sharing your projects with us. It’s a total win-win. Photo Buying Program

October 2021 220V Program Updates

  • In 2022 Docking Drawer will be expanding the Docking Drawer Trio offering and launching a new line of Flush Pop Up outlets. Here is a summary of the new outlets being launched in 2022 - 

    NEW - Overview of the new outlets - Docking Drawer In-Drawer & Flush Pop-up 2022 Offering - 220V (International)

    Docking Drawer Duo - Applies to part number (0290-20610W-XXX) this outlet will be phased out in 2022

    Docking Drawer Trio - the Docking Drawer Trio (0290-20533W-XXX) will be going through a running change. The new part numbers will be 30X0-XXXX series. The new series brings with it more finish options and more outlet configuration choices. Starts shipping in February 2022.

    NEW - Docking Drawer Flush Pop Ups are being launched for the AUS, EUR, and Ireland/UK markets. Starts shipping January 2022. 

    NEW - Docking Drawer Flush Pop Up Literature.

    NEW - Docking Drawer Flush product photos and catalog photos are now available in the Docking Drawer Digital Asset Library.

    NEW - Docking Drawer Trio product and catalog photos are now available in the Docking Drawer Digital Asset Library.

    NEW - Spec Book for the Docking Drawer Trio 220V and Docking Drawer Flush Pop Up outlets - All new spec book will soon be available making specifying our solutions easier for specifiers and installation easier for the trades.

    NEW - Docking Drawer Trio Mounting Diagrams for Metal Drawer Boxes. We are developing mounting diagrams detailing how to install a Docking Drawer Trio series outlet into a Blum Legrabox M, C, F and, K and Grass Nova Pro Scala drawer box systems. We are planning to add Hettich Atira, and Hafele Alto and Matrix mounting diagrams in the near future as well. 

    NEW - Docking Drawer Trio Literature

    NEW - Docking Drawer Cross Reference Guide to make managing the Docking Drawer outlets running change easier. 

    NEW - Docking Drawer Trio Tear Sheets

    NEW - DXF & STEP Files for Docking Drawer Trio outlets

    DISCONTINUED - 0290-00902, 0290-00902W, 0290-00904,0290-00904W.

August 2021 Partner Program Updates

  • Price Increase - Docking Drawer 10.01.2021 price list reflects a price increase on just  0290, 1514 & 2021 series outlets. There is not a price increase on Safety Interlock Boxes, Grommets, Style Drawer Canisters, Cover Plates.
  • Price List Updated - New Docking Drawer Price List goes into effect on 10.01.2021.
  • Brass Cover Plates - Added Brass cover plates to our offering.
  • Updated Spec Book - New spec book was released reflecting a collection of updates and added details.
  • Launched Docking Drawer Walkthrough Deck - Our best resource to date to walk customers through our offering. Perfect sales resource for reps on the road. Walk Through Deck
  • Relaunched the Docking Drawer Digital Asset Library - Docking Drawer product images, lifestyle photos, videos, Docking Drawer logos and electrical certification icons for all of your sales and marketing needs. Digital Asset Library
  • Photo Buying Pays your Customers to Share their Docking Drawer Projects - Marketing a hidden product isn't easy, so capturing our products in your projects is essential to us. So much so that our Marketing Department may be willing to pay you up to $500 for photos of your Docking Drawer project to use in our marketing efforts. Let your Docking Drawer projects potentially pay for themselves by sharing your projects with us. It’s a total win-win. Photo Buying Program
  • Non-Functioning Outlets - No longer offering non-functional outlets.
  • International 220V Updates -

    New - Launching Docking Drawer Flush Pop Ups for AUS, EUR, and UK markets.

    New - Launching more Docking Drawer Trio options.

    New - Adding Docking Drawer Trio outlet with Stainless Steel cover plates

    Removed Charging Grommet and Edge Mount Grommet from our offering

    New - Brass cover plates

    Comingin 12/2020 - All new sales and technical resources. New Spec Book, New Literature, New Tear Sheets, New Mounting Diagrams, 

April 2021 Partner Program Updates

  • Price List Updated - The Docking Drawer Price List - 4.1.2021 now includes links to each outlet's Spec Book and Tear Sheet making planning Docking Drawer projects easier. 
  • New Drop Shipping Policy - Price list now clearly states what outlets are eligible for drop shipping. Basically the core 4 hero outlets (1514-232, 1514-266, 1514-110, 1514-160) are not eligible for drop shipping.
  • MOQ - Price list had the incorrect MOQ quantity. 4.1.2021 price list now shows the correct MOQ quantity.
  • Discontinued - Style Drawer Flush variants with USB-C and USB-A outlets have been discontinued. NO CHANGE to Style Drawer Flush outlets with 2AC GFCI outlets. These are still being offered. 
  • Updated Spec Book - The updated spec book now includes new resources for centered installations, updated Project Cards, direct links to Tear Sheets and more project planning details on outlet orientation and the endless choice of devices that can be connected to the outlet.
  • Name Change - The Style Drawer Trio will now be called the Docking Drawer Trio.

January 2021 Partner Program Updates

  • Launched a What's New page for Distributors - Details how to transition your customers from 0290- products to the new 15 amp Blade Series
  • New Products Launched - Blade Duo and Blade 1514 & 2012 Series outlets, 15 amp & 20 amp Safety Interlock Box, Style Drawer Canisters, Non-functioning mock -ups
  • New Price List Launched - New price list is available in both PDF & Excel formats. Price list now includes Project Pricing for high volume customers, pricing for functioning and non-functioning showroom samples, pricing for replacement parts such as cover plates and mounting screws, and includes part numbers for ordering free sales resources. New MOQ requirements are now listed on price lists.
  • Discontinued - Blade (0290-3000X), Blade Duo (0290-30XXX), Style Drawer Blade (0290-003XX), Style Drawer Blade Duo (0290-203XX), Black Canisters

We are here to help! Contact or call (530) 362-5055 with any questions

New Product Benefits VS:

  • Save up to $80 on previous product equivalents.
  • 20% smaller in size than previous equivalent powering outlets allows for an easier specification.
  • New corded connections eliminate the previous need to hardwire outlet connection, simplifying installations and lowering overall project costs by eliminating the need for an electrician.
  • Lead with 15 amp outlets. 20 amps outlets are available if needed.
  • Optional Safety Interlock Box can be added to de-energize the outlet when the drawer starts to close.