15 amp Point Pod Pop-Up



15 amp Point Pod Pop-Up



For professional installation only, the Point Pod Connect seamlessly integrates into countertops, utilizing the actual countertop to conceal the outlet. This discreet pop-up outlet boasts motorized functionality and versatile installation options while being ETL Listed and CSA-approved, ensuring safe and convenient power access for modern spaces.

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Point Pod Connect: An Ultra-Sleek Pop-Up Outlet

Elevate your kitchen or workspace functionality with Point Pod Connect, the go-to solution for seamless power access. Say goodbye to unsightly cords and cluttered surfaces as this innovative pop-up outlet discreetly provides AC and USB ports in your space without compromising style or convenience. The unit smoothly rises for use and retracts into the countertop, ensuring surfaces stay clutter-free.

Effortless Motorized Functionality

Experience unparalleled convenience with Point Pod Connect's motorized functionality. With a gentle touch, experience the smooth and quiet rise of the pop-up outlet unit, revealing two power plugs and three USB charging ports at your fingertips. Engineered with both accessibility and safety in mind, this outlet incorporates a sensor that detects obstructions—preventing accidents, prioritizing user safety, and providing peace of mind with every use. 

Flush Countertop Installation

Achieve a flawless, integrated look with the Point Pod Connect's flush countertop installation. Designed to preserve the clean lines of your stone or wood countertop, this pop-up outlet utilizes a piece of your countertop material as the top cover, ensuring a seamless blend with your existing décor. Mount the pop-up outlet in any direction to meet design preferences and the constraint of 18" of clearance required under the countertop. Available in silver and black outlet finishes, the Point Pod Connect is ideal for professionals who prioritize smart functionality and simple aesthetics for modern living.

Customizable Outlet Configurations

Discover unmatched flexibility with Point Pod Connect's versatile options. Available in 15 amps, this pop-up outlet features two USB-C ports, one USB-A port, and two AC ports to accommodate a range of power requirements and ensure compatibility with your devices. ETL Listed and CSA-approved, you can trust Point Pod Connect for safe and reliable power solutions in the USA and Canada—making it the ultimate choice for providing discreet power solutions in any space.

Outlet Dimensions

  • Tower Height: 6.7” [170mm]
  • Base Height: 16.15” [410mm]
  • Cutout Size: 4" [102mm]
  • Available Space for Countertop: Up to 1.18” [30mm]
  • Inner Cup Diameter: 3.66” [93mm]

Electrical Specs

  • Outlet Configuration: (2) USB-C, (1) USB-A, (2) AC
  • AC Current / Amperage Rating: 15 amp
  • AC Voltage Rating: 125V
  • USB-C: 3 amp
  • USB-A: 3 amp

2-Year Warranty

Electrical Certifications:

  • ETL Listed: UL 962A & CSA C22.2
  • IP Rating: IP44
  • For Indoor Use Only

Comprehensive 5-Step Checklist

  1. Confirm that you have adequate space below your countertop for installation. The unit requires a clearance of 17" beneath a 3 cm countertop, along with an additional width of 6 5/16" for the flange. Double-checking these measurements will help ensure a seamless installation process without any spatial constraints.
  2. Confirm Electrical Compatibility: Check with your electrician to verify whether they can install a GFCI outlet or integrate an outlet into a GFCI circuit as needed for the Point Pod Connect. This step is essential for electrical safety and compliance with building codes. Ensuring that the electrical setup aligns with the requirements of the unit will prevent any issues during installation and operation.
  3. Plan for Power Cord Accessibility: After installing the pop-up outlet, it's essential to have easy access to plug in the 6-foot power cord. Consider the placement of the unit and ensure that there is convenient access to an electrical outlet. This accessibility will facilitate the use of the Point Pod Connect and prevent any inconvenience or obstruction after installation.
  4. Countertop Customization Needs: It's crucial to determine whether your chosen stone fabricator has the capability to perform specialized cuts in the countertop to accommodate the Point Pod Connect. While it's preferable to have these cuts made before installation to streamline the process, a skilled installer equipped with the appropriate tools can still execute post-installation cuts if required. This flexibility ensures that any countertop modifications can be efficiently addressed, maintaining the aesthetic and functionality of your space. For detailed instructions on countertop customization, please refer to the installation PDF provided for comprehensive guidance throughout the process.
  5. Check Compliance with Local Codes (for Canadian Customers): For customers located in Canada, it's important to be aware that local electrical codes may require a 20A outlet, whereas the Point Pod Connect model provides a 15A outlet. Verify whether your local code mandates a specific outlet requirement and plan accordingly to ensure compliance. Addressing this aspect beforehand will prevent any issues with regulatory compliance and ensure a smooth installation process.

Return Policy

30 Days - In New Condition, not opened.

Restocking Fee

No returns after 30 days

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