Did you lose a switch for your Safety Interlock Outlet? You can find all of our replacement switches and sensors.

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Replacement Cover Plates
Replacement Cover Plates from £14.00
Includes (1) cover plate and the right number of matching cover plate screws
Replacement Screws Kit
Replacement Screws Kit £2.00
The number of screws pictured will be sent as a kit. What is in the Kit? (12) Cover Plate Screws (4) White (4) Black (4) Stainless Steel (4) Receptacle Box Screws (3) Rear Mounting Bracket Screws (2) Blade Limit Switch Screws - 4-40 x 1/4 in. Phillips Pan Head Machine Screws  
Replacement Switches & Sensors
Replacement Switches & Sensors from £30.00
If you've lost the switch or sensor that pairs with a 15 amp Safety Interlock Outlet, simply order a replacement above (Safety Interlock Outlet not included).