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April 24, 2020 2 min read

According to the2020 US Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, of those upgrading faucets and appliances in their homes, a whopping 49% are electing to include a Docking Drawer charging station in their project. Our products have remained one of theTop Tech Picks in Kitchens, even as the popularity of some other high tech add ons (like upgraded faucets) have declined over the last 12 months. 

“This year among the 11% of renovating homeowners updating electronics as part of their kitchen renovations... 49% are including a docking or charging station.”

To collect the data for this report, Houzz surveyed 2,598 US homeowners about their recent or planned kitchen renovation projects. Check out the full report to learn what types of technology, styles and other features are taking center stage in 2020 kitchen renovation projects. And don’t forget, our in-drawer charging outlets aren’t the only way to enhance your kitchen renovation project. Here are a few of the most popular ways our customers are using Docking Drawer products to create highly functional and organized kitchen spaces:

Charging Drawer

Kitchen charging drawer

Photo credit: Taylored Spaces

There’s a reason 49% of homeowners are including in-drawer charging outlets in their kitchen renovations… charging your countless everyday devices neatly inside your kitchen drawer will allow you to make better use of surface space. Banish countertop cord and device clutter by creating dedicated charging drawers with our Docking Drawer Blade or Blade Duo outlets, which are available with USB-C with Power Delivery to charge your devices up to 2x faster.

Appliance Garage

kitchen appliance garage

Photo credit: Schrocks of Walnut Creek

As more homeowners seek to keep countertops clear of cord and device clutter, appliance garages --which allow you to safely store small kitchen appliances out of site-- have become a hot new trend. Check out our new Style Drawer Appliance Garage, which you or your clients can use to neatly stow your coffee maker, toaster ovens and more while keeping themplugged in and ready for use. This American-made organizer is handcrafted from maple or walnut hardwood and comes with high quality soft-close slides. Our Appliance Garage is built to your custom width specifications - just provide us with your measurement and we’ll do the rest. Now available for sale on our website!

Pull Out Pantry

pull out pantry power outlet

Sick of bulky kitchen appliances taking over your countertop space? Create a pull out pantry by installing one of our Style Drawer Blade or Blade Duo powering outlets so you can storeand easily power small appliances without the hassle of constantly removing, plugging and unplugging. 

For more ideas on how to utilize our products, visit our Idea Library. Have questions? Contact the Docking Drawer team directly! We’re ready and eager to help you create more functional and organized spaces with the use of our in drawer electrical outlets.