What is USB-C with Power Delivery (PD)?

Technology moves quickly — and Docking Drawer does, too! That’s why we’ve added Docking Drawer Blade and Blade Duo charging outlets featuring USB-C power delivery (PD) to our offerings.

Now you can quickly and safely charge cell phones or tablets three times faster than with a normal charger, thanks to USB-C power delivery. And thanks to the integrated smart chip, your device is protected from overheating while delivering faster charge times.

Have a USB-C PD device, like a laptop? You can charge and power it directly from the outlet, allowing you to toss that bulky charging block!

What Is USB-C?

USB-C, also known as Type-C, represents the latest innovation in the realm of connectors, developed by the USB Implementers' Forum (USB-IF), a coalition of industry leaders in the consumer electronics sector, including prominent names like Apple, Intel, Dell, and Belkin. This new technology, supported by many of the world's most recognized manufacturers, is set to become the norm, gradually replacing previous USB types, including USB-A, USB-B, and USB Mini-B.

As devices increasingly adopt the USB-C standard port, which is smaller than its predecessors, we can expect these devices to be thinner and lighter than ever before. The USB-C port's compact format not only allows for easier and more convenient connections of peripherals but also contributes to smaller and more efficient device designs.

usb-c cord

Additional Insights on USB-C

The USB type C interface is being integrated into a wide array of devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, headphones, and mobile speakers. Its reversible nature means the USB-C connector can be plugged in either orientation. Despite its newness, backward compatibility with USB 3.0 or lower is maintained using a standard USB adapter. USB-C can support up to 40 Gbps data rate (USB4®) and 8K video resolution, making it ideal for high-performance applications like docking stations.

USB-C power delivery (USB PD) is a significant advancement, allowing a single USB-C cable to connect a laptop to multiple peripherals while also supplying power. This versatility is set to become even more widespread, as EU regulations will require USB-C connectors on all small devices by 2024 and on laptops by 2026.

The USB PD technology allows for fixed power profiles to be delivered through a USB-C PD charger, ensuring devices receive the right amount of power. The USB power delivery chipset is engineered to manage power distribution efficiently, making the USB-C PD specification a key component in modern electronics.

USB-C cables, including the standard USB cable, are integral to this technology. The ability of USB-C cables to handle high-speed data transfer and power delivery simultaneously makes them an essential accessory for modern devices. The adoption of the USB PD standard across various devices ensures that a single USB power delivery charger or USB-C power delivery cable can be used for a wide range of charging and connectivity needs.

The USB-C port, type C connector, and associated USB-C standard are transforming how we connect and power our devices. With the implementation of the USB-C PD specification, the era of carrying multiple chargers and cables for different devices is coming to an end, as a single USB-C cable or standard USB PD charger can meet most of our daily needs.

Fastest Charging USB Outlets

15 amp Blade Series Outlets with 65W USB-C

60w outlet docking station

15 amp Blade Duo


65w outlet docking station

15 amp Blade Duo


65w outlet docking station

15 amp Blade



Benefits of Docking Drawer Blade & Blade Duo Outlets with USB-C Power Delivery

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USB-C PD can charge your device up to 70% faster than the standard 12W charging found in USB-A outlets. This means your devices will need less time to reach a full charge. A quick 10-minute charge with USB-C PD might be all you need to get going. This USB-C fast charging capability is a significant advancement over traditional charging methods.

More Powerful

With a USB power delivery specification that’s two times more powerful than typical USB outlets, Docking Drawer Blade and Blade Duo outlets with USB-C PD outlets have up to 30W of power available per duplex outlet and can charge larger devices, like tablets and laptops, with just USB-C cables.

wattages of different devices
outlet thermoregulator icon


The USB power delivery outlets in Docking Drawer Blade and Blade Duo assemblies contain a smart chip that makes charging safer with 3 key features:

• Recognizes and optimizes the charging requirements for each connected device and is specially designed to handle new high levels of power.
• Has built-in overcurrent protection to safely keep devices from receiving too much power.
• Features an internal thermoregulator to prevent electronics from overheating while charging. USB-A can’t do that.

Docking Drawer Blade and Blade Duo with USB-C PD Specifications


Docking Drawer Blade and Blade Duo with USB-C (PD) will charge a Macbook, Macbook Air, or Macbook Pro. Macbooks come with a 60 - 85w charger, but 30w is enough to charge and operate a Macbook.

iPad Pro

Docking Drawer Blade and Blade Duo with USB-C (PD) will charge an iPad Pro faster than the OEM-supplied plug-in charger. The iPad Pro comes with an 18w charger, but the iPad itself is Power Delivery capable, so when used with the Blade USB-C, it will charge nearly twice as fast due to the 30w capacity.

Chromebooks and Smartphones

Docking Drawer Blade and Blade Duo with USB-C power delivery will fast charge Chromebooks and smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy S9, iPhone 8, and later iPhones, when using a USB-C to Lightning Cable.

New Standard

As USB power delivery gradually becomes the standard, installing an in-drawer outlet with USB PD is the best way to ensure the fastest charging of future USB power delivery-enabled devices.

SpecBlade Charging
2 AC & USB-A
Blade Charging
2 AC & USB-C with Power Delivery
Max Power Per Port
Note: Max total power of the USB-C charging outlet is 30 watts total. 30 watts can either be shared between both ports or delivered by a single port if only 1 PD enabled device is connected. 
12 watts30 watts
Max Voltage5 volts DCUp to
15 volts DC
Max CurrentAC:
3 amps @ 120 VAC

3 amps @ 5 VDC
3 amps @ 120 VAC

USB (PD Device):

2 amps @ 15 VDC,
3 amps @ 9 VDC

USB (Non-PD Device):
3 amps @ 5 VDC

What Do I Need?

usb-c outlet


usb cable


usb-c enable devices


What’s the Difference between USB-C and USB-C with (PD)?

A standard non-power delivery USB-C charger outlet will charge your devices at USB-A specifications. This means that your devices will charge within a few hours but that the outlet does not have the specifications to power laptops.

A USB-C outlet with power delivery delivers faster charging times so your devices can be charged in less time — and without the bulky block charger included when you purchased your device. Don’t believe us? Here are some additional details.

The iPad Pro comes with an 18w charger, but the iPad itself is power delivery capable. This means that when it’s used with the Blade USB-C, it will charge nearly twice as fast due to the 30w capacity! Docking Drawer Blade and Blade Duo with USB-C (PD) will also fast charge iPhone 8 and later when using a USB-C to Lightning Cable.

Note that not all USB-C chargers offer power delivery, so be sure to look over the specs of your charger carefully.

outlets charge up to 70% faster

Differences in USB Technology

usb-a cable
usb-c cable
thunderbolt cable
usb-c cable

What’s the Difference between USB-A and USB-C with (PD)?

USB-C with power delivery can charge your device up to 70% faster than standard 5W specifications found in USB-A outlets. Additionally, a smart chip found in the USB-C with power delivery ensures that individual tech devices are charged according to their individual needs. For instance, a laptop and a mobile phone will both be charged up more quickly than if you were to use a USB-A or USB-C, but not at the same power level as with a USB-PD.

Is USB-C with PD the Same as Thunderbolt™?

No, Thunderbolt™ technology, developed by Intel®, enhances USB port capabilities by supporting high-speed data and video. By integrating Thunderbolt™ technology with a USB-C port, a collaboration with USB-IF, Thunderbolt™ 3 emerges as the fastest available port. It enables connections to Thunderbolt™ devices, HD and 4K displays, and a vast array of USB devices, all through a single compact, reversible plug. This innovation achieves data transfer rates four times faster and double the video bandwidth compared to other cables.

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