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How to Plan Your Safety Interlock Outlet Project

Adding a Safety Interlock Outlet to your Blade Series in-drawer outlet is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. Here are the steps of how to start planning your Docking Drawer project.

Step 1

An Additional Layer of Safety

All Docking Drawer Blade Series outlets include an interlocking thermostat that de-energizes the outlet when the surrounding temperature exceeds 120°F/50°C. The Safety Interlock Outlet adds a second layer of safety and de-energizes the outlet when the drawer starts to close.

Perfect for use in bathroom vanity drawers, appliance garages, toaster drawers and other in-drawer applications that do not require power when the drawer is closed. 

ETL Listed for use in the US and Canada.

To create charging stations for Canada, specify Docking Drawer Blade Duo (1514-222) or Blade (1514-120) outlets with only USB-A ports.

Step 2

What is a Safety Interlock Outlet?

The 15 amp Safety Interlock Outlet is a single gang electrical outlet featuring one NEMA 5-15 receptacle and one interlock switch connector.

The Docking Drawer Blade Series outlet will plug into the Safety Interlock Outlet.

What is a Blade Limit Switch?

The Blade Series Limit Switch detects drawer position to energize and de-energize Docking Drawer Blade Series outlets.

This mounts to the Blade Series outlet and then plugs into the connector on the Safety Interlock Outlet.

Step 3

Plan Your Installation

Docking Drawer Blade Duo and Blade
Choose a 15 amp Docking Drawer Blade Duo or Blade in-drawer outlet.
Safety Interlock Outlet
Choose a location for the Safety Interlock Outlet ensuring that it is installed within 4.5' of the Blade Series outlet.
Blade Series Limit Switch
Mount the Blade Limit Switch to the rear mounting bracket of the 15 amp Blade Series outlet and plug into the connector on the Safety Interlock Outlet.
Safety Interlock Outlet electrical connection
Now the Blade Series outlet will de-energize when the drawer is closed, as an extra layer of safety.
Step 4

Pair the Safety Interlock Outlet with a Blade Series Outlet

Docking Drawer Safety Interlock Outlet with Blade Limit Switch

Safety Interlock Outlet with Blade Limit Switch

Blade Limit Switch connects to any 15amp Blade Series Outlet

Blade Duo drawer outlet

Blade Duo

Ideal for connecting up to 4 devices.

4 AC

Blade drawer outlet


Ideal for connecting up to 2 devices.

2 AC


Project Planning Resources

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