The Safety & Durability of Docking Drawer Outlets

Are in-drawer outlets safe? When it comes to Docking Drawer, the short answer is: yes. Here’s what makes Docking Drawer the safest and most enduring in-drawer power solution on the market.
in-drawer outlet safety

Are in-drawer outlets safe? When it comes to Docking Drawer, the short answer is: yes

Docking Drawer was invented back in 2013, in direct response to our Founder, Scott Dickey, realizing that there were no safe, certified solutions for in-drawer power on the market (a feature his wife requested to help banish countertop cord clutter).

This motivated Scott to utilize his background in the semiconductor industry to come up with the first safety-certified in-drawer outlet solution, which launched at the KBIS tradeshow in 2014. While our products have continually changed and improved over the years, we’ve held firm to our founding principles, maintaining the highest safety and durability standards. Here’s what makes Docking Drawer the safest and most enduring in-drawer power solution on the market

Interlocking Thermostat

Every Docking Drawer in-drawer outlet includes an interlocking safety feature that cuts power to the outlet when surrounding temperatures exceed 120°F. This patented feature allows us to state with confidence that you can safely connect any type of device to your Docking Drawer, from chargeable tech to small appliances.

interlocking docking drawer safety feature

Cycle Testing

Our Independent Safety Laboratory, Intertek, requires our outlets to undergo a 25,000 cycle test. We took that requirement and raised it 1,900%, cycle testing our prototypes a standard of 500,000 times. This is the equivalent of opening and closing a drawer every fifteen minutes for more than thirty years. 

electrical cycle testing for in drawer outlets

But wait! Our inspections don't stop there. Every 100,000 cycles, we stop the test to perform a physical inspection of the mechanical parts of the outlet. We're checking everything from basic wear and tear to worn or cracked wiring. Following the cycle test, we send our outlet cables to our manufacturer's lab, where they inspect to see if the outlet cables still meet the original specifications after use endured during cycle testing. Which they do, thanks partly to our use of stranded cables which allow the outlet’s wires to flex and not break.

Strain Reliefs

All cables within our in-drawer outlets are held in place with the help of strain reliefs, which provide a transition from a flexible cable to a rigid connector. This relieves the mechanical force applied to the exterior of the cables from being transferred to the electrical terminations, which could lead to failure. Strain reliefs also enhance the flex life performance of the cables within the cable management arms, the mechanism responsible for guiding and protecting the power cord as the drawer opens and closes. 

strain reliefs for in drawer outlet safety

Internal Components

We do not –and will never– compromise on quality, using only metal components, proven outlets and high-quality wiring within our products. A result of our Founder’s experience in the semi-conductor industry, we were able to create a consumer product that aligns to the safety standards of the commercial industry.

Safety Interlock Outlets

In addition to our in-drawer outlets, we offer the Docking Drawer Safety Interlock Outlet with Blade Limit Switch. This single gang electrical outlet is an optional add-on to any 15 amp Docking Drawer Blade Series outlet, making in-drawer power even safer by detecting the drawer position and de-energizing the outlet when the drawer begins to close. This provides an additional layer of safety for in-drawer outlet applications such as vanity styling drawers and appliance pullouts where heat-generating devices are connected and can add peace of mind when used in settings like children’s bathrooms or aging-in-place communities.

Docking Drawer Safety Interlock Outlet


Electrical Certifications

Our in-drawer outlets are ETL Listed for use in the  US & Canada, CE Listed, and Australian Certified for Safety and EMC solutions. Our ETL certifications are another example of our commitment to offering the highest level of quality and service. Compared to ETL “Recognized” products, which puts the responsibility on the installer, we go the extra step for “Listed” status, so the manufacturer assumes the responsibility for the product’s intended use.

electrical certification logos

While often inexpensive in the short-term, choosing ad-hoc solutions like power strips –which are not intended for use within moveable applications– are risky, impermanent and often low-functioning alternatives. While Docking Drawer outlets were designed for ease of installation, lowering overall project costs, we offer several ways to make our products even more affordable. Check out our refurbished products, high-quantity trade pricing, and photo buying program, where you can earn up to $500 by sharing your Docking Drawer project with us. Have questions? Reach our team directly by phone, email, text or live chat.

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