Powered Pullouts: What They Are & Why They’re Trending

Powered pullouts are one of the hottest home design and organization trends this year. You may have never realized how much (or why) you need a powered pullout in your kitchen or bathroom, but once you have it, you’ll wonder how you went so long without it!
Powered Pullouts: What They Are & Why They’re Trending

Powered pullouts are one of the hottest home design and organization trends this year. You may have never realized how much (or why) you need a powered pullout in your kitchen or bathroom, but once you have it, you’ll wonder how you went so long without it! From pullout coffee stations and pullout pantries to vertical hair styling stations and beyond, these powered drawers are way more… well, powerful... than your average organizer.

What Are Powered Pullouts?

Powered pullouts are drawers that include electrical outlets, which literally pull out from the cabinet for easy access to additional, powered storage. Rather than having to plug and unplug small appliance and styling tools for every use, powered pullouts allow you to neatly organize, stow and power these items from right inside your drawer - and tuck them neatly back away when not in use.

pull out coffee bar

Incorporate an Appliance Garage to Save Counter Space

One of the most popular ways home owners and designers are using powered pullouts is to create what are called “appliance garages”. Especially useful in the kitchen, appliance garages are customized countertop compartments specifically designed to hide kitchen appliances from everyday view during non use, with easy access to those appliances when needed. 

Think about the most common kitchen appliances that you leave out on your counter daily: toasters, coffee makers, blenders, juicers, mixers and more. Do you really use each of these every day? Chances are you don’t. And you also don’t realize that while it may seem convenient to have them sitting out, these appliances are adding to the overall clutter of your kitchen. 

Our new Style Drawer Appliance Garage was designed specifically for this purpose, to create convenient pullout stations in your kitchen and to easily conceal those small appliances when not in use. And when combined with one of our ETL and CSA Listed Style Drawer 21 Blade or Blade Duo in-drawer outlets, it has the ability to safely power those small appliances as well. Simply open the appliance garage, slide out the drawer, and your devices are already plugged in and ready to use! 

coffee station appliance garage

Create a Convenient Coffee Station

Turn your appliance garage into a custom, pull out coffee station. Imagine how much smoother your mornings could be by having everything you need for your morning java all in one place. You can store your coffee maker, coffee grinder, beans, grounds, sugar and stirrers all together and ready to go. 

Want to make sure your coffee is ready for you right when you wake up? The night before, simply pull out the appliance garage drawer, fill your coffee pot with water and your favorite coffee flavor, set the timer on your pot, and go to sleep. In the morning, your coffee will start brewing at the time you set, and you’ll wake up with a fresh pot already done with all your add-ins right next to it. 

And you can rest easy knowing that Docking Drawer’s in-drawer powering outlets come with patented safety features, such as an interlocking thermostat that automatically cuts power to the outlet should surrounding temperatures gets too hot, and the optional interlock box feature, which cuts power to your outlet when the drawer is closed.

bathroom powered styling station

Build a Vertical Pullout Hair Styling Station in Your Bathroom

Powered pullouts aren’t just for the kitchen, they can also help you declutter your bathroom as well. Bathroom counters are one of the toughest areas to keep clean and organized because of how often you use them. Not to mention the struggle that comes along with smaller bathrooms and limited vanity countertop space. In either case, every time you get ready you have to dig around to find your hair dryer, shaver, flat iron, curling iron or electric toothbrush - then carefully coordinate where and how to plug in all these various tools. 

The key to organization is to make sure everything has a place. That way you know exactly where to find it, and exactly where to put it away. Creating a vertical pullout hair styling station in your bathroom can help you do just that. And with the Style Drawer Powered Vertical Organizer from Docking Drawer, you can not only safely store, but also safely power those hair styling and hygiene tools neatly inside your drawer. Simply slide out the drawer, choose your hair styling tool and turn it on to start using it -- it will already be plugged in to the safe, ETL Listed Style Drawer Blade Duo Outlet outlet.

Safety is, and always has been, our top priority. Which is why we created the optional Interlock Box feature, which de-energizes the outlet when the drawer starts to close. Now only does this feature make our in drawer powering outlets the first and only solution approved for specification in Canada, but no matter where you reside, you’ll never have to worry that you might have left your curling iron on again. 

Having a hair styling station at your fingertips can really help take the stress out of getting ready. No more having to do your hair at weird angles because the wall outlet is too far away. No more knocking over bottles on your bathroom counter with the cord of your hair dryer. No more plugging and unplugging a tangled mess each time you need to get ready. The Style Drawer Powered Vertical Organizer really is a game changer, and a key feature to include in any drawer and every bathroom. 

This Home Improvement Trend is Just Beginning

Already a hot trend in the US and Canada, our Style Drawer Appliance Garage is a revolutionary new product that merges functionality, organization and aesthetics into a single solution, allowing you to create custom appliance garages, coffee stations and vertical hair styling stations into your home renovation projects.

Do you have more ideas of how you would utilize these space and time saving solutions in your home? Let us know! You can share your pictures and ideas with us on InstagramFacebookPinterest or by contacting our team directly. And of course, you can learn more about all of the smart, safe, and safe solutions that Docking Drawer has to offer on our website.

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