New Year, New Organization Tactics

It's a brand New Year—hello 2020!—which means it's time to start in on your list of New Year's resolutions! And in case it isn't already on your list, you should definitely include, "getting organized and tidy" as a goal for the year. 
new year organization resolutions

It's a brand New Year—hello 2020!—which means it's time to start in on your list of New Year's resolutions! And in case it isn't already on your list, you should definitely include, "getting organized and tidy" as a goal for the year. That’s because getting organized will make your home more comfortable and it will make it WAY easier to find things, saving you precious minutes you could be reading, watching Netflix, or spending time with friends and family. Plus, studies have shown that getting organized has health benefits. Needless to say you’ll be well on your way to knocking out that “getting fit in 2020” goal, right? 

Here’s the thing—getting organized doesn't have to take a lot of time. So don’t get overwhelmed and give up before you’ve even gotten a start! Instead take simple steps and look at each space in your home one day (or even one week) at a time. This will make the project way easier to manage. Moreover, it’ll bring about fabulous results. Don’t forget to consider incorporating Docking Drawer outlets which can help you keep rooms more organized, keep countertops clear of cord clutter and keep devices charged and going into the New Year.


entryway organization

We hear you—the entryway of your home is basically the catch-all for your family. Host to coats, shoes, keys, dog leashes, backpacks, purses, wallets, phones, and other items that don’t ever seem to have a set “place” this room is also the first one you and your guests see walking inside. Which essentially means this space should be clean, organized, and easy on the eyes. But how do you achieve this?

It’s actually one of the easier rooms in your home to organize! Simply clear off your surfaces and create more hidden spaces for all of your stuff. If you don’t have a closet where you can hang coats, consider installing hooks on your wall. Additionally, a large table or bench with built in drawers can offer a hideaway space for keys, purses, and devices. This is also the perfect place to hide a Docking Drawer Blade Outlet (0290-30000W) so your tech can charge while you spend time with the family. Finally, be sure all those shoes have somewhere to go—from a mat to a basket, keep this area clear of things that are easily tripped over.

Living Room

In-Drawer Outlet Living Room organization

If you’re like most families, you spend a lot of time in your living room. That automatically makes it a place where things accumulate. The first step to organizing this space is to figure out what items are no longer needed. Consider that pile of old magazines and recycle or donate them. Identify places where clutter accumulates quickly—the coffee table and end tables come to mind—and find better storage solutions that are equally quick and easy to utilize. For example, you can purchase baskets to organize smaller items. Keep them tucked away under your tables for easy access while also removing visual clutter. 

Don’t forget that you can add a Docking Drawer Charging Outlet to an end table or your entertainment center. This can help eliminate cord clutter and keep things like gaming console systems and bluetooth speakers out of site, even while in use.

Home Office

office organization

You had grand plans for your home office, didn’t you? But when you look at it now, you have no idea what you must have been thinking. That’s because a home office can quickly become cluttered with papers, documents, and product manuals. Which in turn makes it an incredibly unorganized area which is frustrating to use—so you don’t. Well 2020 is the year you take back your study! Sit down and create a filing system for all of your loose papers. Better yet, scan your documents or use a  digitizing service to go paper-free, then shred everything. A good filing system—digital or otherwise—is crucial for keeping paper documents organized and out of sight. 

Hesitant to throw something away? Afraid you’re going to need that instruction manual as soon as it goes in the trash? Take heart! In today’s digital age, you can find almost any information you’ll ever need online. Plus don’t forget to add a  Docking Drawer Blade Duo (0290-30102W) outlet to your desk drawer! It’s the perfect way to keep your printers neatly tucked away and work mobiles charged up while out of site, lessening unnecessary distractions. 

Kitchen and Pantry

Charging Drawer Kitchen organization

Photo Credit:  Studio Dearborn

Oh, that pesky junk drawer! It’s everyone’s arch nemesis. But the New Year is the perfect time to tackle this monstrosity. Where to begin? A  silverware organizer actually makes a great tool to organize your pens and pencils, notepads, and yes, even your playing cards. All those bent up paper clips, dried out rubber bands, and menus you never order from? Throw them out! Still have space? Consider turning your junk drawer into a  charging station! Install a  Docking Drawer Blade Duo (0290-30102W) and charge up everything from laptops to cell phones to fitness trackers all while keeping cord clutter tucked away.

Of course, organizing your kitchen doesn’t stop with the junk drawer! Look at your kitchen storage space and find ways to make it more convenient. Consider purchasing stainless steel pull-out shelves for your cabinets to make items more accessible. Not only are they easy to install, but they come in a variety of sizes so you’re sure to find ones that fit your spaces. 

Next up, clean out your pantry. This is a big one because so many of us have simply let our pantry sit for months, never bothering to throw out expired items. Time’s up! This year, be sure to get rid of any outdated items. If you have something you’ll never eat but hasn’t expired, consider donating it to the local food pantry. From there take control by organizing items in baskets or other containers to ensure cleanliness and quick access. Your pantry is also a great place to store any small appliances that you don't use often. Put them away and save your counter space! Better yet, install a Docking Drawer  Powering Outlet nearby so that when you do need to utilize them, you have an easily accessible outlet—no need to lug items out of your pantry and then never put them back!

Finally, be sure to clear the counters of unnecessary items. If you can put something in a cabinet, do it! This will make your kitchen feel bigger and more organized. 

Bedrooms and Closets

Charging Drawer Closet organization

Bedrooms—especially kids' bedrooms—can get messy quickly! So under-the-bed storage boxes are perfect for keeping bedding when not in use. Out-of-season clothing will also do well in this type of storage container. No need to have these items taking up space in drawers and closets! Speaking of clothing, the New Year is a great time to go through clothing items. Get rid of things that are too large, too small, or that you simply don’t wear. You’ll free up valuable closet space by getting donating unused items. Same goes for the kiddos. Need more help with closet organization? Check out our blog,  The Do’s and Don’ts of Closet Organization!

Finally, as you probably have seen first hand, nightstands and the tops of dressers easily become catch-alls. These are spaces that you need to be very intentional with! Start by clearing them off. From there, determine what type of organization system will work best for you. Baskets often prove useful here! Finally, don’t forget to install a Docking Drawer outlet in your nightstand. Not only will you get a better night’s sleep being ever so slightly away from your phone, but your device will still be all charged up for you once the sun rises - plus you can keep clunky (but necessary) items like  CPAP machines powered and out of site!

Bathroom and Vanity


bathroom organization goals


The bathroom vanity is a total magnet for clutter. From toothbrushes to makeup to curling irons to electric razors, we simply can’t help but muck up a perfectly shiny bathroom countertop! Consider installing the NEW  Style Drawer Powered Vertical Organizer to keep brushes, hair care tools, and other bathroom essentials neat and organized. From there it’s time to get rid of any cosmetics and skincare products that have exceeded their recommended shelf life—you know that mascara is old! Also, check your medicine cabinet and throw away anything that is expired. Wasn’t that easy? Finally, don't forget to go through your linen closet! Get rid of old and scratchy towels and washcloths and replace them with new ones—you’ll thank us later.

Getting organized may seem like a long and tedious task but it's definitely worth the time invested to get it done! You'll feel great and your family will be off to an exceptional start for the New Year. Do you have any effective New Year home organization tips? We want to hear them!

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