We’ve done it again...

We’ve taken a great idea and made it even better! Meet the NEW Docking Drawer Blade Series outlets, the first line of fully unified in-drawer outlets that can be easily installed into any drawer type to charge and power any device.
New Docking Drawer Blade Series

Announcing the New Docking Drawer Blade Series Outlet!

We’ve done it again… we’ve taken a great idea and made it even better! We’re excited to officially announce the launch of our biggest innovation to date: our first fully unified line of single sized in-drawer outlets that feature the ability to both charge and power any device in a single solution. Meet the NEW Docking Drawer Blade Series outlet!

Unified Blade Series Outlet Offering

Unification brings simplification to any in-drawer outlet project. Not only does one outlet now charge and power any type of device, our newest outlets are designed in a one-size-fits-all configuration with corded connections to further simplify the specification process. The new Docking Drawer Blade Series outlets fit into any type of drawer box and are available at new, lower price points (up to $80 less per outlet!).

More Applications

The new Docking Drawer Blade Series outlets bridge the previously existing gap between charging and powering solutions. The new 15 or 20 amp Blade Series outlet can do it all, from powering hair dryers and small appliances to charging phones and laptops.

Easier Specification

Designed in one compact size, it’s simple to install our Blade Series outlets into drawers of any type, from shallow to deep, L-shaped, U-shaped and beyond. Better yet, all that’s needed to install your outlet are basic power tools and the 7 screws and detailed cutout templates included in every package. And with common physical specifications, the same cable management arms, receptacle box specs and more, installation is simpler than ever before.

Lower Price Points

  • Lower Product Prices: Docking Drawer Blade series outlets are now offered in a range of price points based on outlet configurations, with basic configurations now priced up to $80 less than the previous product equivalent.
  • Lower Project Cost: The corded connection will lower overall project costs by eliminating the need for an electrician. Simply install your outlet, then plug it into the power source on your inside cabinet wall. If you don’t have a power source inside your cabinet wall, we recommend hiring an electrician, as it’s a quick and easy job for a professional. For those of you with some electrical experience, you may be able to run the power yourself. Here is a how-to video demonstration.
  • Equally Priced Finishes: Black, white and stainless steel finishes are now available at equal price points.
  • High Volume Pricing: We’ve started offering project packs for high volume manufacturers and projects.

Better Resources

With great power comes great responsibility.. or, more appropriately, with great products come great new resources! We’ve put together these new & improved resources to help make project planning easier than ever before. All downloadable resources are made public so you can easily share with your contractors or customers.


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Learn more about Docking Drawer Blade Series in-drawer outlets.

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Spec Book

Docking Drawer Blade Series Specs

All the specs and drawings needed to plan your project.

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Project Planning Cards

Docking Drawer Project Planning Cards

Learn more about Docking Drawer Blade Series in-drawer outlets.

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Cross Reference Guide

An easy guide comparing old part numbers to the new Blade Series.

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Same Safety Features

Docking Drawer outlets are made specifically for use inside of the drawer, and come with patented interlocking safety features we’ve become known for. All outlets undergo rigorous safety testing and are ETL Listed and approved for use in the US & Canada. We offer an additional safety feature, the Safety Interlock Box, which can be added to de-energize the outlet when the drawer starts to close and complies with the CEC requirement for outlets in enclosed spaces.

We were the first to market with in-drawer outlets just over 6 years ago, and it’s been exciting to watch our products go from an optional add-on to a standard feature in home and commercial projects. This latest innovation will make it easier and more affordable than ever to include Docking Drawer outlets in any drawer and every project, and we can’t wait for you to experience the convenience and resulting aesthetics and functionality that our outlets will add to your space.


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