Inspirational Docking Drawer Installations

It’s true that Docking Drawer outlooks look amazing in your kitchen drawers.
bathroom vanity

It’s true that Docking Drawer outlooks look amazing in your kitchen drawers. But did you know that we offer a variety of both  in-drawer charging and in-drawer powering outlet solutions designed to fit into all types of cabinets and drawers? At least, that’s what our customers are saying. We love feeling inspired by all of the incredible Docking Drawer installations that have been shared with us over the years. And we’ve decided to share some of the more unique installs with you! Who knows? Maybe these ideas will set off your imagination and before we know it, you’ll be sharing photos of your one-of-a-kind Docking Drawer installation!

kitchen charging station


Studio Dearborn - Kitchen Charging Drawer

Docking Drawer is proud to partner with Sarah Robertson at Studio Dearborn. Sarah’s elegant kitchen designs often blend beauty with plenty of practicality—and tech! Check out this beautiful charging drawer installed in one of Sarah’s recent kitchen designs.

bathroom vanity styling station


Joe Thiele/Boundary Fog - Vanity

Vanities can be a beautiful thing—and by installing one of our Style Drawer Blade, in-drawer powering outlets inside one of your vanity drawers like Joe Thiele/Boundary Fog, they can also become functional space. Best of all, all of our in drawer powering outlets feature an interlocking thermostat which cuts power when temperatures in your vanity drawer exceed 120 degrees—no more worrying about whether or not you left on the curling iron! 

vertical powered styling drawer


Webber Coleman - Powered Vertical Organizer 

Wish you had a way to keep your bathroom accessories organized instead of spread out across your countertops? This Style Drawer Powered Vertical Organizer by Docking Drawer will ensure all of your styling tools have a place—and that your countertops remain pristine. Best of all? This drawer comes fully assembled with an integrated Style Drawer Blade Duo, soft close slides, four canisters and more.

inspirational docking drawer charging drawer outlet


Jeff Reilly - Vertical Kitchen Charging Drawer

Not everyone has a horizontal drawer free to turn into a dedicated charging station for their laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other tech. So this customer got to thinking outside-the-box—and opted to install one of our Docking Drawer Blade Duo, in drawer charging outlets into a vertical drawer to keep their tech charged up and kitchen countertops clear. We love it! 

inspirational docking drawer pull out pantry outlet

Schrocks of Walnut Creek - Pull Out Coffee Station (or “Appliance Garage”)

Give those little appliances a place to be powered without having them out cluttering your kitchen countertops! This customer created a pull out pantry turned coffee station, complete with a Style Drawer Blade Duo powering outlet, which can be easily tucked back out of sight for a more polished look after their morning coffee. 

inspirational docking drawer entertainment center outlet


What We Make - Living Room Entertainment Center

Docking Drawer outlets are an excellent addition to living room furniture like entertainment centers, coffee or side tables. This customer grew tired of seeing various cords and gaming accessories scattered around the living room and installed a Docking Drawer Blade Duo charging outlet into their entertainment center to banish the unsightly electronic and cord clutter. Open the drawer, play your games, then tuck everything away and out of site!

inspirational docking drawer nightstand outlet

Tami Wassong Interiors - Bedroom Nightstand

You know that looking at your tablet or phone right before bed only serves to keep your brain awake longer. By installing a Docking Drawer Blade in-drawer charging outlet into your nightstand, you can easily ensure your tech gets charged up—while remaining out of sight so you get an uninterrupted night of rest.   

inspirational docking drawer cpap storage outlet


Bedside CPAP Storage

Bonus idea: This customer installed the our Docking Drawer Blade charging outlet into their bedside table, which not only powers their bulky (yet necessary) CPAP machine, but also keeps it neatly stored and out of site during daylight hours.


inspirational docking drawer closet outlet

Closet Drawer

We all spend ample time standing in front of the closet every day—so it's important to keep things as neat and organized as possible. This customer installed a Docking Drawer Blade In Drawer charging outlet into their built in closet furniture to help keep wearable tech organized, charged up and within reach each morning. 

Docking Drawer is proud to be the market leader of in-drawer electrical outlets. Offering a full array of solutions, we are committed to charging and powering today's connected lifestyle with innovative solutions—and we love how ingenious our customers are with their installs! 

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