Increasing Functionality in Multifunctional Home Office Space

How one contractor used Docking Drawer to create a highly functional home workspace that exists in a common area of the home and serves a variety of purposes.
Blade Duo in drawer outlet for entryway charging station

2020 forced many of us to make changes not only to our lives, but to our homes. And one of the most common of those changes? Incorporating a home office into your existing floor plan, oftentimes one that can accommodate both working and schooling from home. And when that home office exists in a common area of the house, it becomes even more important to design a purposeful space that promotes organization, enhances clarity and inspires creativity while keeping cords, devices and bulky office equipment from creating clutter and distraction.

So when Sherry from Brost Developments Inc was posed with this precise challenge, renovating a home that included an “office counter in the middle of the main living area”, she turned to Docking Drawer.

This multifunctional space was “meant to be a hub for all of their families' technology”, says Sherry, and she was presented with the challenge of keeping it “clean and tidy to match the rest of the home.” Which just-so-happens to be the problem that Docking Drawer outlets were designed to solve!

Entryway design by Brost Developments Inc

There were two key areas that Sherry was focused on: how to conceal the family’s various personal and work devices in this main charging zone, and how to incorporate key office equipment without cluttering up a high-traffic area of the home.

Sherry first installed one of our Blade Duo outlets. Not only is this outlet ETL Listed and approved for use in Canada where these homeowners reside, but it’s our most popular and effective solution for charging drawer applications as it can connect up to 8 devices at one time and is available in a variety of configurations.

Docking Drawer Blade Duo outlet in entryway charging drawer

Next, Shery added another Docking Drawer Blade outlet to a pull-out shelf, serving as a dedicated printer drawer that allows the family to keep bulky office equipment plugged in and at the ready, without creating an eyesore in this high-traffic space.

Powered printer drawer with in drawer outlet

We’re guessing “grateful” is exactly what these homeowners are feeling about their stunning, newly renovated, highly organized and functional home.

Learn more about our popular Blade Series outlets, which are simple to install into both new and existing drawers of any type using only basic power tools or browse our Project Gallery for more ideas on how you can use Docking Drawer to create highly functional spaces throughout your home.

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